Team around the practice (TAP)

We are sorry to announce that the Team around the practice service has now closed.

If you are a service user making contact with us about a referral, please get in touch with your GP/referrer to discuss alternative options.

If you are a referrer wanting to discuss a possible referral, please contact our colleagues in the Camden Primary Care Mental Health Network on 020 3317 6806 or by email at:

Team around the practice worked with adults in the familiar environment of their GP practice to manage their mental health needs.

Team around the practice (TAP) provided psychological therapy and social prescribing to people who felt stuck, socially isolated, very low, anxious or who experienced persistent emotional and physical pain or a sense of being overwhelmed. Social prescribing is when health professionals assign a range of local, non-clinical services as such as photography or gardening. We also aimed to support GPs in their role when working with people with these types of difficulties and other mental health problems.

This service was specifically designed for people whose mental health difficulties are long-standing and recurrent and/or may not have benefitted from previous help. Typical presenting problems include:

  • persistent or unexplained physical symptoms, including persistent physical pain.
  • personality and relationship difficulties that may benefit from brief psychotherapeutic interventions.
  • supporting GPs when they feel left with a complicated presentation.
  • stress (mental and physical) related to trauma, relationships, past or present abuse. Stress is likely to present alongside depression and anxiety.
  • emotional and complex aspects of long-term conditions and disability.
  • isolation & lack of social or occupational activity. This can exacerbate pre-existing symptoms and create further depressive or anxiety-related feelings.

Our approach was to think about mental health difficulties alongside physical health. We did this by having mental health professionals based in GP practices who work with patients and also provide support and advice to GPs. This also meant that we could see people in the familiar environment of their own GP practice where possible.

We were an inclusive service and saw people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Psychological therapies


We aim to meet for an assessment as quickly as possible. We usually meet on two separate occasions for around an hour each time. The initial meetings allow us to gain an understanding of your situation and difficulties.

As part of the assessment, we have an open and clear discussion with you about what we think might be best and about treatment options available to you. We take confidentiality very seriously and we will only share information with agencies involved in your care on a ‘need to know’ basis.

If we don’t think we are the appropriate service for you, we make recommendations about what may be more beneficial to you.

We aim to see you in your GP practice. If this is not possible, we see you at another practice in Camden.


Depending on your needs, we work with you either individually or in a group. Sometimes we may suggest meeting together with your GP. We will always discuss any plans with you beforehand. 

Therapeutic work is time-limited in nature. Over the course of a number of sessions, we encourage you to talk freely in a safe place about yourself and your current experiences. We think about how these connect with the rest of your life, past and present. This is based on the idea that our early experiences can shape how we cope with difficulties in adulthood. Our treatments usually have a maximum of around 16 sessions. For people needing longer-term help we may still be able to advise on options and help you and your GP find a way to the right service.

Often, we are not aware of why we behave in certain ways and we work with you to help you gain a deeper understanding of your situation. The aim is to improve your relationships and quality of life.


Social prescribing

In addition to psychological treatment, we offer up to 6 sessions of social prescribing. 

Social prescribing links patients with sources of support in the community. These might include opportunities for arts and creativity, physical activity, learning new skills, volunteering, befriending and self-help. We can also connect you with agencies that can offer support with employment, benefits, housing, debt, legal advice or parenting problems.  With social prescribing, we do not diagnose people or use medications.

 It's particularly useful for people who may be isolated, lacking social support and need a sense of purpose or meaningful routine.

As part of the treatment, short-term support is offered from a link worker to help identify and access community resources that can enable you to meet your personal needs and goals.


We are a skilled and experienced team of mental health care professionals including; Psychologists, mental health link workers (MIND), a doctor/Psychiatrist who is also a trained and qualified psychotherapist, specialists clinical Social Workers, Psychotherapist and our admin team.  


We work in partnership with Camden and Islington Foundation Trust and Hillside Clubhouse for employment support. MIND in Camden provide social prescribing through the TAP service. We have strong links to colleagues in the local IAPT and personality disorder services and meet regularly with colleagues from crisis services and the rest of the (NEW in 2019) Camden Primary Care Mental Health Service.   

Community Groups

We offer a therapeutic photography group that supports patients explore feelings, relationships and personal experience. The group has approximately 8 members from different backgrounds. We will talk with you about whether this might be an option for you.  See the community group - Team around the practice page for more details.


Community Groups

Team around the practice offer photography, and horticultural groups.

If you are interested in one of our community groups, ask your GP to refer you to The Team around the Practice, specifying your wish to join one of our groups.