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Eating difficulties and avoidant restrictive food intake disorders (ARFID)


Children, Young people

Available in:

Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington

What we do

We see all children and young people from the age of 8 to 18 years old who are registered with a GP within the five above mentioned boroughs.

We see patients who have early onset eating disorders, and have experienced such issues for up to 2 years. You may be offered individual therapy, family interventions such as cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic practice, psychotherapy, with or without your parent or guardian’s involvement and diet, meal and care planning.

We also see patients with avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) condition no matter how long you have had the condition. If you have an ARFID condition, you may be offered individual and family therapy in close liaison with your GP or community dietician and other network partners for up to 12 sessions.

What to expect

You will be contacted by phone or letter within 7 days of being referred to us to schedule an appointment. (Most patients are seen within 5 days).The appointment will take place at a time and day that works best for you, and it can take place close to your home or school.

Your first appointment will last 1 hour 30 minutes. Your parent or guardian will be asked to share their views and concerns with you. Your parent or guardian will then be asked to leave the room, and you will have a chance to talk about your concerns privately with the clinician.

Your clinician will ask you questions, but they won’t judge or blame you for anything you tell them, and will help and support you to be comfortable.

After your first appointment, we will discuss with you and your parent or guardian any issues you are facing and how we can help you. We may recommend a meal or care plan to address any immediate needs, and give advice as necessary to your parent or guardian to help support you.

How to access this service

We accept referrals from GPs in the boroughs we operate in as well as from CAMHS teams and schools.

What previous patients say

We wanted to write to say a huge thank you to you for your time, patience and invaluable help. You have helped Hannah (and us) enormously and we are all enjoying the transformation in well being, happiness and resilience since starting sessions with you. Hannah says she misses speaking with you but agrees that she feels confident to deal with the challenges of life from here and ask for help when needed. (names have been changed)
We were given an appointment very fast after referral and communication has been great. The clinician has been excellent in offering out of hours support and their phone number.