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Camden adolescent intensive support service (CAISS)


Young people

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What we do

We offer intensive support to young people in crisis to keep them safe and out of hospital.

We can help you to, feel more safe (reduce self harm, suicidal feelings and other behaviours that put you at risk), manage things at home better, shorten your hospital stay (if you are in hospital) and get you back home as quickly as possible with the right support and get back to school or education

We work intensively with families and young people for three to four months to help reduce crisis and risk taking behaviours. We aim to help you to cope with difficult situations in future.

We can work with or without your Open Minded team to offer support around your current difficulties. We meet you regularly at or near your home, at clinic or at school.

What to expect

When you are referred to us you meet two caseworkers from our team. They help you make a care plan and support you through your treatment. 

They think and talk with you about any feelings or behaviours which feel really difficult to manage at the time. They help you to feel safer.

If needed we can also support you with phone calls between face-to-face sessions when things are particularly difficult.

We work with parents and carers to think about ways that they can help you feel safer and better.

Sometimes medication can be helpful too. We always discuss and plan this before we prescribe.

How to access this service

We accept referrals from mental health professionals in the Open Minded service.