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Camden CAMHS early intervention service for psychosis


Young people

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What we do

Young people living in Canden can be referred to see us if they are aged between 14 and 18 and maybe developing psychosis. If the service is right for you, you will then keep seeing you for up to three years, regardless of the age at which you started seeing us.

We will help you to understand your condition and what helps you to stay well and what might make you become unwell. We try to prevent hospital admission where possible by offering intensive community support but sometimes people with psychosis still need to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. We would visit you in hospital and work closely with the hospital team so you can get out of hospital quickly.

What to expect

If you are referred to our service and we agree that it seems that we are the right service for you, the first thing that happens is that we meet with you over several meetings to do what we call an assessment. During this time we will try to get to know you and your family or carers, your circumstances and background, and the nature of the problems you are experiencing.

Following the assessment, we will decide whether our service is the right one for you. If it is, we will work with you for up to three years regardless of the age you started seeing us, providing treatment and support to help you make the best possible recovery. Following that, if still needed, we will help you to find another service which could help. If our service is not the right one for you we will help you find a service which is better suited to you or you may decide that you don’t want any service to support you for now.

How to access this service

We accept referrals from GPs.