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What we do

We provide a range of psychotherapies for those who need a specialised service including group, individual and couples interventions. Our approach is based on a psychoanalytic perspective which understands mental health as involving the whole person, their life and their relationships.

Generally those who come to our service have been seen by counsellors or psychologists in the community (primary care), or in specialised mental health services but have either not engaged or found other treatments ineffective or too short and find themselves returning to their GP’s, often reporting that they are repeating the same patterns.

The consistency and reliability of the clinical setting and specialist treatment can help our patients to manage their day-to-day living with more fulfilled experience at work and in relationships and therefore may reduce reliance on a multitude of different services.

What to expect

After referral we offer an extended assessment, generally of more than one meeting, in which we invite the patient to talk about their experience at length. Sometimes the assessment consultation which helps understand the problem is enough to make a difference for the patient. At end of the assessment, options are presented to the patient and together with the assessing clinician, a decision is made as to best course of treatment (if further treatment is required). Sometimes recommendations are made to seek treatment elsewhere, if our sense is this would be in the patient’s best interests.

We offer group, individual and couples psychoanalytic interventions of different lengths and intensity. Often patients are required to wait for a treatment vacancy following assessment (and we think with and support patients managing this period).

We have a Trust-wide forum for people with lived experience which meets regularly to help inform the service developments.

How to access this service

We accept referrals from GPs, counsellors and mental health or social care professionals