Team around the practice - Community Groups

You can access Community Groups through Team around the practice (TAP). If you are interested in one of our community groups, ask your GP to refer you to The Team around the Practice, specifying your wish to join one of our groups.

Photography group

The group will offer you the unique opportunity to take photographs and use them to express and reflect on your experiences. It will celebrate how modern media makes it easier than ever before to make and share images, and harness the process of creativity and sharing in the interest of promoting your personal wellbeing.

The group will benefit you if (not all have to apply to you):

  • You are interested in a more creative therapeutic approach
  • You would enjoy exploring your creativity with others in a community setting
  • You are looking for an alternative to traditional talking therapy

The group runs on a weekly basis for a period of 12 consecutive weeks and is facilitated by two clinicians.

Autumn leaves

Horticultural Groups

These groups offer a friendly, supportive space to work on an allotment within Kentish Town Farm with the assistance of a gardener and a MIND Link worker. They offer a chance to learn more about horticulture, growing your own food and flowers as well as an opportunity to spend time with others. It is a place to talk and grow. We can see you for up to a year.


Team around the practice (TAP) is particularly aimed at people who feel stuck, socially isolated, very low, anxious or who experience persistent pain or a sense of being overwhelmed.