Council of Governors

Our Governors are the guardians of our mission and values, and they help us achieve our objectives.


We have three different categories of Governor – public, staff and stakeholder.

Public Governors are elected by our non-staff members, who can be patients, students, local residents or anyone living in England or Wales who is interested in our work. These Governors make sure the voice of the communities we serve is heard right at the top of our decision-making process.

Staff Governors are elected by the people we employ and ensure our staff have a say in how we run our services.

Stakeholder Governors are appointed to represent the interests of our partner organisations.

Governors have an important role to play, although they are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the trust, and cannot veto decisions made by the Board of Directors.

Governors have two main areas of responsibility: 

Holding the Board of Directors to account

The Governors’ statutory responsibilities are to:

  • appoint (and, if appropriate, remove) the Chair and non-executive Directors
  • appoint (and, if appropriate, remove) the external auditors
  • approve the appointment of the Chief Executive
  • decide the pay and terms of office for the Chair and non-executive Directors
  • receive the annual report and accounts
  • contribute to the annual plan
  • ensure that the Trust operates in accordance with its terms of authorisation
  • hold the Board of Directors to account for the performance of the Trust

Representing members and partner organisations

Governors are our link between our members and the Directors who make decisions about our services. They are responsible for representing the views of members and partner organisations to the Board of Directors, and feeding back information about the Trust and its performance.

Council meetings

Our Council of Governors meets four times a year, although they are involved in various projects in the Trust all throughout the year.

Register of interests

Our Board and Governors have to declare any potential conflict of interest

Public governors

John Carrier

Re-elected for second term October 2020
John Carrier

I will bring to the Governing Body a knowledge of the demography and health needs of Camden’s diverse population.

I was elected as Governor for Camden Constituency for the Tavistock in August 2017 and I have attended 95% of all council meetings and I have been a member of the Tavistock Centre Programme Board and the Nominations Committee. I have attended the Annual General Meetings at the Tavistock, as well as training provided by NHS Providers. I feel I still have much to contribute to the Governing Body and the Trust. 

Criminal Justice and Mental Health (having been a prison visitor and a Magistrate) the relationship between the Tavistock and the Primary Care Services, the Health and Well-being of Children, and Mental Health Research.  I chaired the successful Closure of Friern Hospital between 1983-91.

I have a long history of public service in Camden and London. Local councillor, 1970s. Member, Social Services Committee, Chair, Public Health Committee and the Adoption Panel, First Chair of Camden Victim Support. Royal Free Hospital 1980-2000, NED & Chair; Representative on Tavistock and Portman Trust Chair, North Middlesex Hospital. 2013-2016 Chair, Camden Primary Care Trust, 2001-2012, Involved in policymaking and decisions about Equality and Diversity, Education and Training discussions, and patient and public involvement events. Chair, the North East London Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards for eight years which gave me insight into the professional lives of London’s leading Medical and Surgical practitioners. Honorary Fellow, Royal College Physicians Honorary Bencher, Lincoln’s Inn.

Declaration of Interests 

Political Party: Member of the Labour Party
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Dr Juliet Singer

Appointed November 2018

Juliet SingerI have a great admiration for the services and training programmes that are delivered at the Tavistock - and I feel passionately about protecting and promoting these. I have been a Camden resident for 14 years. I am a doctor, a parent, and currently I am completing my training in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Since qualifying as a doctor I undertook an 18-year second career making documentaries. Many were about mental health and child development; eg. BBC series Child of Our Time; a C4 special about mental health stigma in the workplace (featuring a Tavistock psychotherapist), and parenting series Little Angels (featuring a Tavistock psychologist).

I co-founded and was a board director of a production company, ‘Caravan’. We specialised in making factual and current affairs programmes including the award winning Panorama ‘Britain’s Mental Health Crisis’, where we worked closely with BEH trust to demonstrate the difficulties they faced under harsh financial constraints.

I also presented the Radio 4 series set inside the Tavistock Clinic, ‘Mending Young Minds’, where therapists, and the children and teenagers receiving treatment, shared their experiences.

In 2008 I was elected a public governor at Camden and Islington Mental Health Foundation Trust.

With my board experience, my understanding of delivering mental health services (including a post at the Tavistock on North Camden CAMHS team), and my interest and expertise in communicating issues around mental health to a wide audience, I feel I have a lot to offer and I would be honoured to be a public governor.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Dr Maz Afridi 

Appointed October 2020

Maz AfridiI am a resident of Camden as well as a Patient and Carer of my son. I am the voice of BAMES in policy strategic directions, Finance Equality Health and Social Care.

I am an Afghan Pashtun Bani Israel Professional having 35 years’ experience and commitment to diversity, knowledge of cultures, languages, Liberal-Interfaith. I was a former Governor of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation contributed to Finance, Recruitment and Nominations Committees that will cascade to Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation.

I have skills in Managing health and Social Care, frontline Operational, Strategic planning and development, holistic generic, Outreach Services, Education, Racial Quality-Equality Human Gender Disability Rights, and large Staff teams.  I was the Director Council for Racial Equality Kent.  I worked in Probation Service London and was the Director of Women’s in Development UNDP Pakistan.  I was also involved in Community Development Project Management America and the Neighbourhood, Community Engagement, Personnel Social Services Management in London Councils of Ealing, Brent, Waltham Forest, Islington and Camden, Tower Hamlets Newham, Westminster and Enfield Chase Farm Hospital. 

I also had involvement in Managing Children and Families, Older People Mental Health, Disabilities, Joint Working Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reviews, Partnership, Consultation Mediation, Negotiation, Representation, Research investigation, Community Engagement, Quality Care Champion in Housing, Recovery and Rehabilitation.

My qualifications are Bachelor’s Honours Economics, Masters Sociology Pakistan, PgD Social Anthropology Edinburgh, PhD Anthropology and PgD Mental Health LSE, PgD Applied Social Studies Swansea, MS Management Science Missouri, Experienced Psychotherapy, and my interests are Travel and have written Books on Poetry Social Policy.

My commitment is to Patient Quality Equality Treatment and Empowerment and National Health Service Philosophy and Ideology.

Political Party: Member of the Labour Party as well as the Trade Unions, HCPC and CMI.

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Salma Omokaro

Appointed November 2018

Salma AsokomheI am Student Welfare Officer and Safeguarding Officer at BSix Sixth Form College. I have MSc in Psychology of Education, BSc (Hons) in Psychology, HLTA Teaching Certificate, Awareness in Mental Health Certificate.

I have a passion for ensuring that children, young people and their family’s progress and achieve their heartfelt goals in life. Furthermore, I wish to raise awareness of mental health and support the well-being of children, families and young people in education.

I have 10 years’ experience in teaching and working within local authority and in educational settings. I have a proven track record of successfully engaging parents, including hard to reach parents and their children.

Overtime, I have come to understand that parents are a major influence on their children’s lives so providing families with the right support at significant points in their children’s lives, is crucial. Due to the nature of my work, I have been able to make hard, but fair decisions based on what is best for the family at that time.

Therefore, I have the skills required to a governor. I am able to forge good working relations not only with families/ children, but also with statutory agencies who provide services to support the local community. This enables me to demonstrate good working practices, which not only raise the profile of the organisation, but also enables them to reach targets. This in turn, has enabled me to build trust with both the community and families therefore a take up on services available to them.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Noel Hess

Appointed November 2018

Noel HessI worked as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the Camden NHS Psychotherapy Service, originally at UCH and latterly at St Pancras, for 30 years, retiring in July 2016. During this time I was closely involved in the organisation of psychotherapy services in our locality, which involved regular liaison and consultation with our neighbours at the Tavistock and Portman (as well as colleagues at the Royal Free and Whittington). I am pleased to say that we had a good working relationship, and one of mutual respect. During this time I got to observe the (often difficult) processes of change which affected the Tavistock as an organisation.

I trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst and have worked in private practice for 30 years alongside my NHS work. I continue to do this. I was actively involved in the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS (APP), and was Chair from 2002- 2005. I have been Vice President of the British Psychoanalytic Association since 2014.

I think that my work history and professional commitments demonstrate my deep adherence to the importance and value of psychoanalytic help and that this help be available in the public sector. The need to be understood is fundamental to human beings. My primary reason for putting myself forward for election to the Council of Governors is to try and protect the provision of this service, for people who come to the Tavistock, whether to be helped or to be educated.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Julia Wall

Appointed November 2018

Julie WallThe Tavistock has been woven into my life and career for decades, from working there as a temp fifteen years ago, having clinical supervision when I was working in the challenging but hugely rewarding role of Young Women’s Worker, to now using their theories and research in my studies as a student Social Worker at Goldsmiths University. 

I have had a varied career, but the most rewarding aspect has been the youth work I have carried out over the last ten years and my work specifically with marginalised and hard to reach young people. The young people I have worked with have usually suffered significant, and in some cases multiple, trauma and their emotional well-being, self-esteem and resilience has been severely impacted as a result. Mental health and emotional well-being has always underpinned my work and I have seen first-hand the widespread rise in mental health concerns for young people resulting from bullying to the trauma of child sexual exploitation and abuse and the subsequent self-harming behaviour as a consequence. I have always strived to signpost, refer and help young people access therapeutic services, services which have been pioneered by the Tavistock, and I believe passionately in the need for greater provision of therapeutic responses for our young people. 

It would be an honour to be elected a Governor for the Tavistock and I will strive to give the young people I have worked with, and continue to work with, a voice as part of that role. 

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Freda McEwanFreda McEwen.png

Appointed November 2019

“I am a passionate and enthusiastic person who thrives in creating an enabling environment for people with varied special needs.”

Why do you want to be a Governor?

I am keen to work in an environment where I can put my passion and experience into good use. In my private life, I have a son who is 23 years old with autism. Caring for him over the years has motivated and enabled me to be involved in making strategic decisions in public establishment that support people with complex needs. Having had the opportunity to study in Tavistock after years of being a member, I believe I have gained experience and personal skills that would contribute to helping the Board of Governors. Most importantly I feel I could become part of the team that supports the clinicians, staff and the well-being and safety of service users.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have been accrediting services for National Autistic Society for over 3 years and have developed a strong support for Therapy and that is why I love the works of Tavistock and Portman. This led me to make a career change from my legal background to delve into in the Therapeutic world and have an informed knowledge of Systemic Therapy and Psychoanalysis. I also have a facebook page with over 21,000 followers where I empower and encourage my readers and fans who have children with autism and mental health. I also have job satisfaction and fulfilment from writing books and public speaking on topics that relate to autism and mental health

Declaration of Interests



Richard Mark MurrayRichard Mark Murray.png

Appointed November 2019

“I get the context but more importantly I care about the Tavi, its exceptional work and wonderful and caring people!”

Why do you want to be a Governor?

I care passionately about well-being that involves good mental and physical health. The Tavi does some exceptional and valuable work in pursuit of areas of mental health that are too often under looked or under-valued. I was fortunate to be elected a Camden Governor a few years ago until I moved out of the borough. Visiting parts of the service and seeing the hard work and diligent care that the staff and members bring – every day - to the Tavi was both humbling and inspiring. As a teaching hospital as well as a provider of care, the Tavi creates health and learning. Hopefully without sounding too grand, there are simply not many more important things. I want to play a small part in preserving the great work of the Tavi and provide the best possible foundation for it to flourish in the future.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

As a previous governor I understand the context of the Tavi, the real value of its work and the dedication of its governors and leadership. Having worked in the health sector I understand the context of the Tavi’s work and the wider pressures in the NHS. I am currently support health and well-being at the earliest stages of life. Here I am part of the executive team of the National Childbirth Trust where I lead on planning, governance and its work on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Declaration of Interests


Simon Yu Tan 

Appointed October 2020

Simon TanI am a passionate supporter of Tavistock and have looked after relatives and friends who use mental health services.

I have campaigned very hard for many years to reduce stigma about mental health and promoted the rights of people who use mental health services. I was an elected governor at Moorfields Eye Hospital (when I was a Magistrate) and was re-elected for a second term. I am connected with this Trust through my health charity work and I care deeply about patients, as reflected in the awards from patient groups. Being a senior counsellor with chronic health conditions and disabilities, I have a natural ability to engage with patients.

I was a senior manager in the health sector and have in-depth understanding of how to negotiate with NHS managers. As a former civil servant and local authority officer, I have sat on many NHS committees and worked extremely hard to ensure patients' needs are fully met. These experiences gave me good working knowledge of the NHS, the role of partner agencies and regulators including the CQC. The aforementioned personal and professional experiences spanning many years provided me with the skills in representing patients of all backgrounds. I bring lots of passion to represent the needs of patients and ensure patients can benefit from the best possible care in this Trust. I chair 3 voluntary organisations serving the local communities. I am here to support all patients with my professional experiences from the health sector, which span two decades.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: 

George Wilkinson

Re-elected for second term November 2018 

George WilkinsonA deep commitment to the provision of effective mental health services, education, and research in the NHS led me to stand for election as a governor three years ago.

As well as attending Council, I have been actively involved helping formulate the direction of the Trust as a Governor member on the Clinical Quality Safety and Governance Committee and the Tavistock Centre Board. I have also served on the Nominations Committee, and been a member of the Trust’s Quality Advisory Group.

There are real challenges and opportunities for the Trust and if re-elected, I will continue to bring my experience, energy, and enthusiasm to Council, determined with my colleagues to safeguard what makes the Trust such a singularly important part of the NHS, to represent as best I can the interests of our members, and to help make a real difference in the lives of the Trust’s patients, their families, and their carers.

I chair the board of trustees of Bridge Support, a SE London charity supporting people with enduring mental ill health, and manage a small charitable foundation. I have had close personal experience of mental health illness, and the challenges that people with mental health issues experience, in my day-to-day life, as chair of Bridge, and as a listening volunteer with Samaritans. I have been immensely privileged to have served on the Council and for me being a governor is a very real and personal commitment. To be re-elected will be a great honour.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Kimberley Wilson

Re-elected for second term November 2018

Kimberley WilsonIt is with pride that I stand for the opportunity of re-election to the Council of Governors.

Having trained at the Trust I have benefitted from the truly world class teaching, supervision and writing of the faculty. The Trust faces a number of serious challenges in the current political and healthcare climate that require the oversight of a council committed to its prosperity. I believe strongly in the contemporary, everyday importance of the Trust’s clinical traditions, and that the Tavistock and Portman can and should be a leading voice on public health and political policy.

I would value the chance to continue to raise public awareness of the varied work of the Trust and to offer some continuity to the Council of Governors.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: None

Staff Governors

Jessica Anglin d’Christian

Appointed November 2018

Jessica Anglin d'ChristianI served as a Police Constable with the Nottinghamshire Constabulary, which demanded high levels of self-discipline and self-control, crisis management, listening, mediation and conflict resolution skills. Whilst there, I advocated for local policy changes to the use of police powers when supporting clients from ethnic minority backgrounds.

I helped establish a Psychiatric Intensive Care unit in S.E. London, formulating policies and procedures, and I run a successful private psychotherapy practice, holding weekend workshops and seminars teaching on mental health. I believe empowerment and education are effective change agents, and through building and shaping relationships we can make a positive difference. I remain committed to reducing stigma around mental illness within society and on reducing barriers that discourage individuals from engaging with services.

I have twenty years’ experience supporting clients, carers and staff within the NHS and currently work across two NHS Trusts. This affords me the ability to draw on good practice, highlight strengths and promote change through comparison.

I appreciate the rich diversity of ethnicity, culture and social dynamics and as the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead for MOSAIC CAMHS I remain fully committed to ensuring that the Trust’s Race Equality Strategy is systematically taken forward with the right voices. I will be an excellent link between the BAME network and the Board of Governors, and will represent the views of all staff, helping to ensure that the Trust strengthens its commitment to diversity and moves a step closer to becoming more reflective of the community which it serves.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: I am employed by the Trust as a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

Badri HoushidarBadri Houshidar.jpg

Appointed November 2019

‘I believe my passion, experience and commitment will make a difference. It will be an honour to represent my colleagues’

Why do you want to be a governor?

I am a passionate supporter of the NHS as both a user and as a staff member. I consider high quality practice and research; transparency of policies and procedures to be the cornerstones of a successful NHS Foundation Trust. I would like to be a link and voice for all my colleagues.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have almost 30 years’ experience of working within and alongside the NHS in various roles supporting health care professionals, students and colleagues. My journey began as a volunteer in 1996 and I worked my way up to the role of Administrator then Office Manager, Office Co-ordinator and finally Head of a large administrative team. Through ongoing support and encouragement from my managers and team leaders who believed in me and my abilities, I was able to excel and grow. I believe it is time for me to give something back and I can do this by being a Governor. I consider it a privilege to serve as a Governor and be the voice for my colleagues and will perform my role with energy, enthusiasm and integrity. I believe that with my managerial, administrative and technical experience that I have gained through my previous and current roles, together with passion, commitment, patience, strong communication and networking skills, makes me a perfect candidate to be the voice of my colleagues in this constituency.

Declaration of Interests: None.

Simon Carrington 

Appointed October 2020

Simon CarringtonI wish to see the Tavistock to continue to be a national leader in mental health education

The Tavistock is facing a difficult time navigating the impact of the pandemic and increased financial pressure. I would like to be part of the conversation with the executive about how the Trust goes forward and where necessary to challenge their strategy. I am especially interested in equality in the training provision and how programmes are made accessible and inclusive for all who are able to benefit from them. In this centenary year I am concerned about how the current impact and work of the Trust will be viewed at future anniversaries. I am keen to see the Trust preserving so much which makes it unique whilst continuing to innovate.

I have been at the Tavistock for five years and have over 20 years of experience in higher education. I have previously been an academic and course lead for a clinical programme and I have been an active researcher winning grant income and supervising doctoral students. I studied for an MBA in higher education management which allowed me to explore how policy and strategy are applied in successful organisations. In my role at the Trust I have been successful in negotiating with university partners and explaining the Tavistock model for education. I am used to presenting at board level and to external organisations. Currently I am co-chair of the Research and Innovation Network for the Independent Higher Education representative body.

Declarations of Interest:

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None


Stakeholder governors

James Calmus

London Borough of Camden
James CalmusAppointed June 2018

Professor Fiona Nolan

University of Essex

Fiona NolanAppointed August 2018

University of East London

Currently Vacant 

Kevin Nunan (interim)

Voluntary Action Camden