What is a therapist...?

A therapist is a special type of doctor.

Therapists are experts who work with you if you have problems or aren’t getting along.

You’ll probably meet more than one therapist. We try to find the right one for you.

The different therapists who work in our clinic are:


Psychologists understand how you think and learn. They can work out what things might stop you from getting on well in school or at home.

Social workers

Social workers understand what happens when things go wrong in families. It’s their job to stop you getting hurt.


Psychiatrists are doctors who know how your body works and understand how your mind works! They are good at helping you if you aren’t coping well with life.

Psychiatrists sometimes give you medicine if they’re sure that’s what you need.

Family therapists

Family therapists work with whole families or bits of families. They often work in teams, so they can see different sides of a problem.

Child psychotherapists

Child psychotherapists are experts in understanding kids. They’re really good at figuring out what’s causing your problems.

Sometimes you see them on your own, and sometimes you’ll be with your family or someone from your family.

You’ll probably see them regularly and get to know them quite well.


Nurses look after you and try to find out what they can do to help. They often come and see you at home or at school. They might see members of your family too.

Everyone who works here wants to help kids feel better – about themselves and about how they get on with other people.

By having lots of different therapists, we can make sure we find the right one for you! 

How do you feel...?

If you’re not feeling good about things in your life, it can help to try and work out why.

Why are you coming to see us...?

You might be coming because someone you know is worried about you.


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