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How I feel

How you feel can be difficult to understand, and you may not know why you feel a certain way.

You may may feel sad, anxious, angry or overwhelmed about school, family, friends, your home or something else. These feelings may be constant, or you may have some days when you feel better than others.

This is normal, and everyone feels like this sometimes – even if they don’t tell you. But when it gets too much for you to cope with, and it starts affecting your school or relationships, that’s when you may need to get help.

Find out about different feelings you maybe experiencing and what you can do to try and feel better

Mental health and emotional wellbeing

Anxiety and worries


Depression and low mood


What to do?

Firstly, you should try and talk to someone you trust. That maybe your best friend, your mum or dad, or a favourite teacher at school. Your school may also have a nurse or counselling service you could talk to.

If you feel like you have no one to talk to, or you can’t tell anyone you know, you can talk to Childline. They’re a charity who can help you either online or by calling them for free from your phone. They’ll chat to you about anything and help you.

Visit Childline or call them on 0800 1111

Find more information about talking to someone

Further information and advice

Find specific help about a range of issues, such as bullying, feelings, friends and relationships, home and school.

Childine, a charity with information and advice for children

Mind, a mental health charity offering online advice