A therapist's view – Dr Alex Sales on 'Troubled Girls'

For the past several months, there has been increasing focus in the media on young people’s mental health. This reflects both a sharp increase in demand for services, and public awareness about it. However, many youngsters in distress still find it difficult to access support. Getting help about one’s mental health continues to be much harder than for physical health. Both stigma and insufficient service provision across the country contribute to that.

This documentary reflects some of the frontline work we do with young people. They are often described as most vulnerable and at high risk. And they are. But they are also highly resilient, inspiring, clever, creative, articulate, and many other positive things.

This film is Demi’s story, told by Demi. The film crew and other professionals merely facilitated the telling. The goal was no other than telling the story, with the hope that it would trigger public debate and bring the possibility of support closer to some young people.

We hope this film contributes towards the dissemination of not only Demi’s story, but of the predicament of many other young people. We hope it answers some questions and that it triggers many more.

Dr Alex Sales has worked in mental health for over 17 years. Of those, he has spent the last thirteen working with children, adolescents and families. He has worked in a wide range of community and specialist services, mostly in London. He has trained in Systemic Therapy. Currently, he mostly works with looked after children and adolescents in crisis. 

Kids on the Edge: Troubled Girls

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