Workforce stress and the supportive organisation framework launched

10 April 2019

A framework for improvement through reflection, curiosity and change.

Workforce stress framework cover image

A new framework aimed at helping health and social care employers improve the mental wellbeing of their employees has been launched by Health Education England (HEE).

The Workforce Stress and the Supportive Organisation – A framework for improvement through reflection, curiosity and change encourages organisations to take a step back and to take time to really think about what is going on inside their organisation and how this impacts on staff psychological wellbeing before jumping to action. It challenges them to give greater consideration to the impact workforce stress has on staff and look at the role they can play in providing better support to staff who may need It.

HEE commissioned our National Workforce Skills Development Unit (NWSDU) to develop this resource to get employers to rethink how they deal with workforce stress.

The framework gives further weight to the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission and its recommendations that employers need to take steps to support staff.

Ian J Tegerdine, Associate Director at the National Workforce Skills Development Unit, said: “We are excited to have been commissioned by HEE to contribute to the thinking on making the NHS the best place to work and on the challenges of staff absence and retention.

“We believe that shifting the focus away from individual resilience and encouraging more thought about system and organisational support is key to making positive change. We look forward to sharing our framework for improvement through reflection, curiosity and change at this conference.”

Head to the HEE website to access the digital PDF of the framework.

Head to the HEE website to access the printer-friendly PDF of the framework.

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