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Adopting a child can in itself be a demanding and complex process, and families can struggle, particularly when the initial period of settling in is over and children feel safer to let their new family know about their insecurities and more difficult feelings and experiences. 

How we can help

We have extensive experience of working with families who have adopted children. We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team working with new families, and have built up considerable experience and knowledge about what might be helpful. 

We can offer a range of approaches tailored to a family’s needs, and some of the common interventions we provide include family therapy, individual therapy and group work for parents and same sex parents. 

We usually begin all new work with one or more consultation meetings for the professionals making the referral and other key agencies from the network around the referred child and family, often including the child’s current parents or carers. This consultation process will consider the current circumstances, the reasons for referral, the network of agencies and services involved and the views of all of the participants, including of the child and family, about the referral and about their interest in working with our team and their capacity to attend appointments.