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Child psychotherapy for children

Child psychotherapy is a way to help and support children to share their feelings. 

It involves someone called a therapist sitting with you and letting you play with toys and drawing to express how you feel inside. 

They listen to you talk about the things that are happening or the things that don’t make sense. They will talk and help explain things so they make a lot more sense to you and suggest things you can do to make things better. 

Why am I coming here?

This is not a bad place and you are not coming here because you have been bad or horrible. 

You may be coming here because you are unhappy or frightened and don’t know how to tell anyone. The people here understand you might be scared or don’t want to stay because you think you might be taken away from your family but they are here to help. Maybe someone in your family or school is worried about you. 

I like coming because I get to express my feelings and somebody listening to me is great

What happens in therapy?

You’ll spend lots of time playing and talking to your therapist in a quiet room called a therapy room. In this room you’ll have your own special box full of stuff such as toys, paints and drawing paper. 

Your therapist will really listen and take your opinions seriously. They will understand your worries and give you practical advice on what to do about your problems or exercises to help.

There is nothing to worry about, just be yourself. Open up because they will not be offended or think badly of you

What will my therapist be like?

Your therapist might be a man or a woman. They are someone who will spend time with you to help you to understand your feelings and help you feel better. Your therapist will be really kind and very caring.  

Sometimes your therapist will play with you and sometimes they won’t play games with you because they will want to talk and ask you about the things that don’t make sense. 

What is it like visiting us for the first time?

It is fine to feel nervous or shy about coming here for the first time. The people here understand that coming to a strange place and talking to people you don’t know might be a bit scary but they will smile and say hello to help you feel a bit better. 

It might also be hard for you to talk about your feelings with a stranger but your therapist will be patient and let you talk when you are ready.

Everything will be fine, it may be hard at first, but they’re only here to help

What will happen when I visit?

You will come and see someone in one of our buildings. The buildings are a bit grey from the outside but inside they are welcoming and colourful with pictures on the walls.

When you arrive you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will listen to you and ask you a few questions. 

If you are early you may have to wait until your therapist is ready to see you. The waiting rooms have colourful seats and lots of toys, jigsaws, Lego, books and teddies. There are toilets nearby and a water cooler and kiosk to buy crisps and drinks. In one of the waiting rooms there is a fish tank. 

When it is time for your appointment your therapist will come and meet you in the waiting room. Your therapist will then show you to your therapy room. You will have a special box full of toys and writing paper in the room as well as other activities to do.

I think I like this place because it has very nice people and therapists