Research references

We include research which is directly relevant and useful to family therapy and systemic practice, and to the families, individuals and communities we serve.

We have curated these research papers, dividing references into the following categories, with some papers included in more than one category.


Research has been categorised under the following topics listed alphabetically

Evaluation and outcome studies

We have listed research studies which provides evidence for the effectiveness of systemic and family therapy, which should be useful for families,...

Process research

These studies research therapeutic change processes, addressing questions of 'how therapy works', and can be considered to produce 'practice-based...


Here research studies are categorised according to the methodology used. These can be helpful to see what kind of analysis different methodologies...

Type of approach

Studies here have been categorised according to the type of family therapy and systemic approach that is being researched.

This list of references is not exhaustive, but should give a good indication of the range of research that has been completed. Family therapy and systemic research is continuously being undertaken. We update these pages regularly and circulate details of recent publications via our distribution list.