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Peter Stratton
SCORE. Outcome Reviews. Manualisation. Causal Attributions.

David Cottrell
Self-Harm in Adolescents and Family Therapy (SHIFT). Multisystemic Therapy for at-risk teens (START). Childhood behavioural problems.

Paula Boston
Self-Harm in Adolescents and Family Therapy (SHIFT). Manualisation. Outcome reviews.

Eia Asen
Depression and Couple Therapy. Multifamily Therapy. Mentalization-based therapeutic interventions for families.

Ivan Eisler
Self-Harm in Adolescents and Family Therapy (SHIFT). Eating Disorders. Multifamily Therapy. Multisystemic therapy for at risk Teens (START).

Charlotte Burck
Domains Based Analysis of Family Processes. Bi/multilingualism and Therapy. Therapy Change Processes.

Rob Senior
Domains Based Analysis of Family Processes. Adolescent Depression. Maternal Depression.

Bernadette Wren
Domains Based Analysis of Family Processes. Process Research in Psychosis. Gender Identity. Research Reflexivity.

Britt Krause
Cross-Cultural Therapy. Ethnography.

Rudi Dallos
Narratives and Attachment. Eating Disorders and Family Dynamics. Family Belief Systems. Couple Dynamics and Power.

Arlene Vetere
Studies in Family Therapy. Clinical Service Evaluation. Adult Attachment and Coping Style.

Janet Reibstein
Successful Enduring Partnerships. Illness and Families.

Mark Rivett
Training. Violence.

Reenee Singh
Process Studies. Intercultural Couples. Issues of 'race', culture and migration. SCORE.

Hannah Sherbersky
Manualisation of Couple Therapy for Depression.

Jonathan Hill
Domains Based Analysis of Family Processes. Conduct Disorders. Developmental Origins.

Gail Simon
Reflexivity. Performative Writing. Ethical Practice. Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism, Lesbian and Gay Asylum Seekers.

Catherine Butler
Sexual and gender diversity. Intersectionality. Measures to assess the developing competence of systemic students and supervisors.

Association of European Qualitative Researchers in Psychology (EQuiP). We are a society that aims to create bridges among qualitative researchers in psychology across Europe - bridges between researchers from different European countries but also bridges between different research traditions of qualitative inquiry in psychology.

Alan Carr
Effectiveness of Functional Family Therapy. Outcome Reviews. Effects of Institutional Living.

Marie Keenan
Sexual Violence and Restorative Justice. Roman Catholic Clergy and Sexual Abuse.

Imelda McCarthy
Incest. Lone Parenting.

Aileen Tierney
Dialogical Forums. Construct of Dis-ability.

Laura Fruggeri
Family Process and Therapy Process Research.

Francesca Balestra
Therapy Process Research.

Valeria Ugazio
Semantic Polarities in Families.

Mauro Mariotti
Systemic Mediation. Adolescents.

Peter Rober
Family Communication. Therapy Process. Therapist's Inner Conversation.

Gilbert M.D. Lemmens
Eating Disorders and Family Functioning. Therapy Processes in Multi-Family Groups. Depression.

Hanna van Parys
Donor Conception and Family Processes. Autism.

Jochen Schweitzer
Systemic Therapy for Physical, Mental and Behavioural Disorders. Efficacy of Family Therapy. Systemic Acute Psychiatry. Systemic Consultation. Organisational Dilemmas.

Matthias Ochs
Family Systems Psychiatry. Diverse Families.

Maria Borcsa
Therapy Process Research. Objective Hermaneutics in Process Research.

Eleftheria Tseliou
Discourse Analysis of Therapy Process.

Evrinomy Avdi
Discourse and Positioning Analysis of Therapy Process Research.

Rolf Sundet
Patient focused Research. Family and Therapist Perspectives of Collaborative Therapy.

Terje Tilden
Couple Therapy. Residential Couple Therapy.

Anne Kyong Sook Oefsti
Discourse Analysis of Couple Therapists.

Jaakko Seikkula
Open Dialogue Therapy and Psychosis. Couple Therapy. Inner Dialogues. Intimate Partner Violence.

Aarno Laitila
Micro-analysis of Family Interaction. Intimate Partner Violence. Dialogical Therapy.

Helena Paeivinen
Positioning in Therapy. Intimate Partner Violence.

Juha Holma
Dialogical Therapy. Intimate Partner Violence.

Jarl Wahlstroem
Fatherhood. Consultation, Intimate Partner Violence. Self-Harm.

Gunilla Jarkman Bjorn
Refugee Children and Family Therapy.

Margareta Hyden
Social Networks in Intimate Partner Violence. Young Women Selling Sex.

Angela Abela
Poverty and Social Exclusion. Parents and Adolescent Relationships. Children in Out of Home Care.

Clarissa Semmut Scerri
Impact of Domestic Violence in Families. Attachment and Trauma in Families. Couples Therapy.

Valentin Escudero
Therapeutic Alliance in Family and Couple Therapy.

Roberto Pereira
Children to Parent Violence.

Joao Salgado
Narrative Model of Therapeutic Change. Dialogical Processes.

Professor Rita Giacaman
Contextual Measures. Social / Mental Health System Building.

Tom Strong
Change Processes. Discourse Analysis.

Alan Wade
Violence. Response-based Practice.

Vikki Reynolds.
Justice. Community Work.

Jennifer Jenkins
Emotion Processes in Children and Families. Child Psychopathology.

Russell Crane
Cost-effectiveness of Family Therapy

Guy Diamond
Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Depressed Adolescents

William Pinsof
Process and Outcome Family Therapy Research. Systemic Therapy Inventory of Change. Therapeutic Alliance and Process of Change.

James Lock
Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents.

Laurie Heatherington
Family Therapy Change Processes. Therapeutic Alliance. Cognition in Family Relationships and Psychotherapy. Evaluation of Mental Health Interventions

Myrna L Friedlander
Supervisory Processes and Outcomes. Therapeutic Alliances.

Howard Liddle
Multidimensional Family Therapy for Adolescent Substance Abuse and Delinquency.

Peter Fraenkel
Couple Relationships. Couple Therapy.

David Epston
Narrative Therapy. Co-research.

Liz Forbat
Ill-health and Family & Professional Relationships.

Paul Rhodes
Narrative Research and Participatory Research Methods

Charles Waldegrave
Poverty and Families.

Taimalieutu Kiwi Tamasese
Pacific Nations Family Research. Cultural Dislocation.

Chris Cunningham
Longitudinal Study of Maori Households.

Wai-Yung Lee
Children's Response to Parental Conflict. Asian Couples' Negotiations.

Xiaoyi Fang
Adolescent Internet Use. Child Maltreatment and Family Relationships. Intimate Partner Violence. HIV.

Zhao Xudong
Resilience. Depression and Anxiety and Family Functioning. Use of Metaphor in Chinese Family Therapy

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