Research centres

In collaboration with our university partners we have a number of research centres and units.

We work collaboratively with our university partners in our pioneering research centres. 

Find out about the aims and achievements of each of our research centres.

Centre for Social Work Research

The Centre for Social Work Research (CSWR), in collaboration with the University of East London, aims to:

Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership is a voluntary home visiting programme for first time young mums, aged 24 or under (and dads).

Family Therapy & Systemic Research Centre

The Family Therapy and Systemic Research Centre supports and promotes research in systemic and family therapy. It is a resource for families...

Psychological Therapies Development Unit

The Psychological Therapies Development Unit facilitates the use of psychological interventions in the NHS.

Tavistock Research Unit

We are a research unit based at the Tavistock Centre. We run and collaborate on applied research projects that take place within and outside of the...