Doing research at the Tavistock and Portman

Getting started: research support at the Tavistock Centre 

Noclor is responsible for the management and governance of all research carried out within the Trust and operates as our main research and development office. For further information please contact them directly.

Associate Director: Lynis Lewis
Tel: 0203 317 3754

Noclor provides support in the following areas

  • Research Support: The Research Support and Facilitation Team help guide studies through the NHS approval process and to ensure that research activity is complying with governance requirements.
  • Funding: The R&D Finance Team offer expert financial advice for researchers on all research funding issues, and ongoing support on a range of costing, financial management and reporting duties. 
  • Sponsorship: The Sponsorship & Regulatory Compliance Team provide assurance that any research study sponsored by the Trust is subjected to detailed risk assessment before confirmation of the sponsorship, and that study teams are then supported to ensure that they comply with all relevant regulatory requirement.
  • Contracts: The Contract Management & Intellectual Property Team offer advice on contractual and Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Training: The Training, Events & Communications Team offer training programmes for researchers and staff, and helping to promote research findings through meetings, networking events, conferences and publications.

Research Design Service (RDS) London

The Research Design Service (RDS) London is part of a network of regional support services funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). RDS London supports researchers preparing applications for peer-reviewed funding competitions in applied health or social care research.


NHS Health Research Authority

The NHS Health Research Authority provides detailed guidance and resources for researchers and the research community about the full research pathway, from initial study idea to publication and dissemination of results at the end of a study.

Guidance on whether your study is research or not

Tel: 020 797 22545

UEL-Trust student research

Guidance and resources for PhD and Professional Doctorate students on UEL-Validated courses, their supervisors, and any other interested parties.