Research and innovation

Finding out what works and why. Building the evidence-base through collaborative and independent research.

Influencing policy and practice through research

Pioneering research has been part of our history since 1920. Both the Tavistock Clinic and the Portman Clinic independently had a reputation as a testing ground for fundamental new ideas and practices in psychological therapies – this has continued ever since.

Our commitment to research

Our commitment to developing new knowledge, methods and techniques through research and clinical innovation has continued to influence the evidence-base and clinical practice around mental health and wellbeing. In some cases this influence has been international, including:

  • Attachment theory
  • Systemic family therapy
  • Child, adult and forensic psychotherapy
  • Infant observation
  • Organisational and group dynamics
  • The developmental origins of mental health difficulties.

In recent years we have developed strong relationships with other research organisations. Most of our current research is undertaken in collaboration with university partners, especially University College London, the University of Essex and the University of East London.

We are members of UCL Partners Academic Health Science Network, the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care North Thames and the NIHR Clinical Research Network North Thames.

Our research

Our research is organised around four main themes that reflect our longstanding interest in psychological and developmental approaches to mental...

Research centres

We work collaboratively with our university partners in our pioneering research centres.

Doing research at the Tavistock and Portman

Getting started: research support at the Tavistock Centre Noclor The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust work in collaboration with Noclor to produce...