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Register of decision makers interests – 2022/23

Date: May 2023

Date Recorded Staff Full Name Job Title Interest Declared Interest Type Description of Interest Date interest began Has the interest ended? Date interest ended Consent to publish on public register
16/03/2023  :00 Hiroshi Amino Service Manager in Adult Complex Service /Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy Yes Outside Employment *I have been working for  London Iryo Centre, Clinic for Japanese Communities, as Consultant Psychiatrist.
*I have been seeing several patients in psychoananalysis / psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a Psychoanalyst in my private practice.
01/07/2019 No Yes
28/03/2023  :00 Will Fitzmaurice Director of Education (Operations) Yes Hospitality Attended a networking dinner on 16th February, hosted by Gravitas Recruitment, a firm which has sourced specialist staff for DET.  The dinner took place outside of working hours.  Value under £75.  No financial payment received for attending. 16/02/2023 Yes 26/03/2023 Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Mike Smith Head of Communications and Engagement No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Lloyd England Digital Communications Manager No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 James Barrett Director, Adult Gender Identity Clinic Yes Outside Employment I work as an Assessor and Supervisor for the GMC and an Assessor for the GPhC 19/04/2015 No Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Aaron Horner General Manager No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Fiona Hartnett General Manager No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Oladayo Ajibola Associate Director of HR No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Steve Bambrough ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR CLINICAL SERVICES No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Amy Le Good Acting Commercial Director No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Sarah Mountain Head of HR (OD, Culture & Engagement) No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Rachel James Clinical Services Director No Nil return I was appointed as a staff trustee in November 2022 Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Antonia Carding-Wright Associate Director of Nursing No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Udey Chowdhury Deputy Chief Financial Officer No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Isabelle Bratt Head of DET Operations No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Pia Pedersen Acting Associate Director of Performance and Contracts No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Karen Merchant Head of Human Resources (Business Partnering and Employee Relations) No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Rosalind Wright Head of Marketing No Nil return Yes
19/04/2023  :00 Paul Dugmore Director of Education (Learning and Teaching) Yes Clinical Private Practice I run a reflective practice group six times p.a. for Jewish Care 2015 No Yes
20/04/2023  :00 Una Masic Head of Data, Research, and Audit No Nil return Yes
20/04/2023  :00 Ellenore Nicholson Specialist Service Manager Integrated Schools Service Yes Outside Employment 20/04/2022 No Yes
20/04/2023  :00 Emma Casey Associate Director of Quality Yes Loyalty Husband and sister in law are employees of NCL ICB 03/06/2017 No Yes
24/04/2023  :00 Ian Tegerdine Director Workforce Innovation Unit Yes Shareholdings / Companies owned Owner and Managing Director of Ian Teg Consulting LTD August 2017 No Yes
24/04/2023  :00 Hanh Tran Head of Financial Account No Nil return Yes
24/04/2023  :00 Nimisha Deakin Head of Gloucester House Outreach Service No Nil return Yes
24/04/2023  :00 Polly Carmichael Director of GIDS No Nil return Yes
26/04/2023  :00 Kirsty Brant Head of  Service and Clinical Lead No Nil return Yes
27/04/2023  :00 Jonathan Rex Director of Infrastructure No Nil return Yes
28/04/2023  :00 Muhammad Akram Associate Director of IM&T No Nil return Yes
02/05/2023  :00 Carolyn Alker Specialist clinical services manager Yes Clinical Private Practice I work privately as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist 10/05/2012 No Yes
02/05/2023  :00 Thanda Mhlanga Associate Director of Equality Diversity and Inclusion Yes Outside Employment Looking to start consultancy work in EDI and Leadership outside contractual hours. Not yet started No Yes
05/04/2023 Timothy Kent  Associate Director of Complex Mental Health Yes Clinical Private Practice I have a very small (few patients) private practice based in Hackney for Psychotherapy. There are no conflicts with my NHS work. 01/01/2012 No Yes
Mona Fathollahi General Manager – Gender Identity Clinic Annual Declaration not received
Claire Kent Head of Patient Experience Annual Declaration not received
Katie Walker Clinical Lead Annual Declaration not received