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Paru Jeram

Appointed Dec 2021.

Fairness, equality and strong work ethics are my core values. I will advocate the Trust’s mission and objectives with pride.

To me, the NHS represents dedication, excellence, passion for the greater good, equality, diversity, service, education and innovation. Having worked at the Trust for over five years, I value the amazing work undertaken in the field of mental health. I am proud to be working for an organisation which makes such a massive contribution to supporting the community and which supports professional development and education. As a governor, I want to provide a voice for colleagues, students, and users, and to support both the Directorate of Education and Training (DET) and the Trust more widely in shaping a positive future and to better support and serve the diverse breadth of staff, colleagues, and students across the Trust and to contribute hugely to the changing landscapes of the Trust and the NHS more widely.

I have worked in Higher Education for nearly 20 years and having worked within DET at the Trust for over five years, I have a unique perspective from both the education and clinical services. As a governance and quality assurance officer, my role is to ensure the Trust’s academic regulatory and learning and teaching processes are upheld and are of the highest standard, compliant with professional and regulatory bodies and reflect innovation within the sector. I strive for excellence, enhancement, governance, integrity, equality and fairness. I am an excellent team player; have strong communication skills and I build strong and positive partnerships with colleagues, and I hope to bring my professional and personal skills to this role.

Political Party: None

Financial or other interest in the Trust: None