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Maisam Datoo

Elected November 2022.

Why did you want to become a governor?

The governor opportunity allows me to learn about and engage the Trust more meaningfully. It also gives me the opportunity to inform and involve (in the decision-making process) a key resource of our Trust – its staff. I feel a tremendous commitment to our Trust and by extension, to the NHS. For me, it’s the closest thing, we, in this country have to a national religion. I often bristle at wastage and want to see us get the best deal(s) possible.

What skills and experience do you feel you can bring to the role?

I have been involved in strategy and organising in past roles and am able to galvanise people around a common cause. I am presently a student at the Institute of Group Analysis and have staffed and been a member on numerous Group Relations Conferences. I am learning more about groups, authority, leadership and followership and am deeply interested in the organisational unconscious.

Political Party: None
Financial or other interest in the Trust: I am employed by the Trust