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What helps me with my mental health

There are times when life feels overwhelming and even distressing. In these moments it can be difficult to be calm, however the following helps me with my mental health.

Being able to speak with family or friends who I feel safe with is very helpful. Often after speaking with them, my feelings are validated and this makes me feel better. Having a support system is so important, even if it’s just one or two people.

Something else which helps me is writing it all down: thoughts, feelings, the likelihood of particular concerns. I find it calming, and it helps me to understand where my worries may be coming from. Talking aloud is also helpful to process emotions.

It’s important to make time for the things you enjoy. For me, I love to dance, bake and go on walks with a podcast. Working out what brings me joy means I know what to do when I’m not feeling so great. It’s also good to not rush your feelings, negative emotions aren’t all bad. It’s about knowing how to manage them.

With May being mental health month (though every month should carry this with an equal amount of importance), check in with people, as well as yourself. It can be really tough so make sure to appreciate even the small achievements.

– Young person from Camden