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Tavi Open 2024 art exhibition has launched

Our trust currently has an art exhibition called ‘Tavi Open’, which celebrates the creativity and talent of our service users, students, staff, and local artists. The exhibition, which runs until 27 May, features a variety of 58 artwork by 27 artists, many of whom featured in our 2022 Tavi Open.

Clinical Psychologist and amateur artist Luciane Borges said “I am passionate about portraiture. Although I am still exploring different mediums, most of my works are in oil paint, charcoal, and pencil. My style can be seen as contemporary realistic. I am deeply interested in exploring through portraits the unique way human beings can express their feelings and tell us a story.” She also said that the exhibition “was all so well organised and nice”.

One of the returning artists, Chrysanthi Theodoropoulou, who is a Photographic artist from Greece, said “I am particularly happy to have helped organise and participate at the 3rd open art exhibition at the Tavistock and Portman.”

Chrysanthi went on to add “Art signifies not only an emotional expression or a conversation around beauty but most importantly a form of communication within a community. That makes our open art exhibition, where anyone can participate, an exceptional form of dialogue regarding our wellbeing.”

One of the young contributors is artist Telisha Blake-Barnes, whose mother Faye Barnes said “Thank you so much for including my daughter’s pictures. You have really given her more confidence to study art, a real boost.”

Art Curator Mat Zaremba commented “The Art Board worked hard on putting together the third Tavi Open art exhibition, and it was thrilling to see it come to fruition. We were pleased with the response rate, the variety of artworks, and inspired by the many personal stories behind them. The private view was a joyous evening of networking and discussing all things creative with fellow artists.”

Image from Tavi Open 2024 Private view on Wednesday 17 April 2024.

Artist standing in front of art work they created for the exhibition.

Artist standing in front of art work they created for the exhibition.