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Learning Disability Week 2024 logo (by Mencap)


Learning Disability Week: do you see me?

Learning Disability Week: do you see me?

Learning Disability Week 2024 logo (by Mencap)

Every year, in the third week of June, we observe Learning Disability Week – which will run from 17 June to 23 June. It is a week which raises awareness of those with learning difficulties. People are encouraged to celebrate the contributions made by people with learning difficulties, reflect on the challenges they face and think of ways we can eliminate such obstacles. The UK charity Mencap is the organiser of the week’s events; this year, they have chosen the theme “Do you see me?” as it emphasises the importance of making sure people with learning disabilities are seen, heard and valued.

Mencap fights for the rights of those with learning difficulties and lobbies the government to remove the barriers they face. A learning difficulty, as described by Mencap, is a “reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities which affects someone for their whole life.” Those who have a learning difficulty may require more time and support to understand complicated information or interact with others. There are various associated conditions including autism, Down’s syndrome and Williams syndrome.

Mencap has suggested the following as topics for each day of the Learning Disability Week:

  • Monday 17 June: “Do you see me?”
  • Tuesday 18 June: “Do you understand me?”
  • Wednesday 19 June: “Will you work with me?”
  • Thursday 20 June: “Do you hear me?”
  • Friday 21 June: “Do you include me?”
  • Saturday 22 June: “Will you support me?”
  • Sunday 23 June: A summary of the week.