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Judith Symons’ Garden Drawings and Prints now on display at the Tavistock Centre

On Thursday 29 June we hosted the private view for Judith Symons’ solo exhibition at the Tavistock Centre. The exhibit features drawings and etchings of domestic London gardens, and large abstract screen prints on fabric.

Judith Symons

Judith Symons is an artist and psychotherapist. Speaking at the private view she shared how her art helps her connect with nature: “‘It’s a way of being, to be in nature for me is not particularly easy, I never quite know what to do in it. How do you take these things in, how do you appreciate them? And this is a very good way to do it.”

Judith also gave credit to gardeners and shared how she sees her pieces as a collaboration: “Though it is my picture, these would not exist without these gorgeous gardens. I had a strange experience, I went to draw a garden and it wasn’t a very interesting garden, and the drawing is not very interesting, and I was shocked because I assumed it was the artist that made it interesting. I hadn’t realised I relied so much on the beauty of the garden, so it was a bit of a lesson and quite humbling. So it feels like a collaboration with the artistry of the gardener.”

Her passion for art was clear and she ended her remarks expressing her pleasure in creating her pieces: “‘It’s an adventure every single time, it’s such fun. The pictures were a delight to do, and I’m very happy a few of them have worked out well”.

The exhibit will be open until Friday 28 July. If you are on site you are welcome to visit the works which are hosted in the art space, on the ground floor off the library corridor.

The Tavistock Centre’s gallery hosts temporary art exhibitions by various artists every month. The Trust also has a permanent art collection, displayed around its building, in corridors and rooms.

Art plays an important role in helping the Trust to engage with staff, patients and everyone connected with its work.

Mat Zaremba, Art Curator at the Trust said:

“It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Judith back in the Trust, this time with a solo exhibition. Her artworks fill the space with so much colour and radiance, and bring out a lot of joy in staff and students. I’m delighted that a couple of her pieces sold on the opening day.”