Thinking space events

Improving mental health and community wellbeing

Thinking Spaces are made up of regular meetings which are facilitated by clinical staff experienced in working with diverse and disadvantaged communities. Attendance is voluntary and participants share stories, experiences and at times select a theme to discuss. Facilitators seek to create a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental environment to enable local people to talk about their experiences and think about how best to address individual or community issues.

Thinking space encourages participants to reflect on their own and other people's experience to generate ideas about how to address difficulties. This helps them to make changes and build the strength and resilience needed to confront adversity.

Our approach is unique because it combines individual wellbeing and community development. This helps to strengthen interpersonal relationships and also build neighbourliness and community support networks.

We work with communities in Haringey and Tottenham to develop thinking space meetings. These are therapeutic spaces in the community where local residents can meet regularly to share their difficulties and think together about how best to address them.

Read the final report of an independent evaluation of Tottenham Thinking Space

Forthcoming events

Haringey Teens Thinking Space

Every Thursday 4 - 6 pm. To reserve a space, email 

Past events

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A Thinking Space Special Event

Migration and Loss – a Thinking Space special event

Guest Speakers: David Morgan, Consultant psychotherapist and psychoanalyst JJ Bola, writer, poet, educator and workshop facilitator