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Art exhibition: Kathy Murillo – Queer Figures

3 to 27 June
Tavistock Centre

“Queer Figures” is an exhibition by Kathy Murillo exploring queerness, something inherent in all of us. The artist tries to build a bridge between the audience and herself, showing how being queer is as natural as not being queer. Our struggles are interconnected, just as the way we connect with a piece of art. This exhibition aims to create awareness of differences, particularly fostering self-awareness of how one interacts with diversity.

Kathy Murillo [she/they] is an ever-evolving queer, feminist Venezuelan-Dutch artist whose work spans a diverse range of mediums and themes. Graduating as a Graphic Designer in 2016, Murillo further honed their artistic skills and earned honours from the Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam University in Fine Art in 2023. They also completed an Erasmus program at Central Saint Martins in London, broadening their artistic horizons and expanding their international network within the art community.

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