How do you feel...?

If you’re not feeling good about things in your life, it can help to try and work out why.

Sometimes it’s obvious.

Maybe someone you care about has died.

Or your parents are separating.

Or you’re being bullied.

Other times it may not be so clear.

Talking to friends or to adults you trust – like your parents or a teacher – can be a good place to start.

Or your school might have a counselling service.

But if this doesn’t feel right, there are some organisations you can talk to over the phone or contact online. The Samaritans, ChildLine or Young Minds, for example.

If you can't manage on your own, a therapist can help. Talk to your family doctor and they can put you in touch with someone.

Why are you coming to see us...?

You might be coming because someone you know is worried about you.

What is a therapist...?

A therapist is a special type of doctor.

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