Young people’s consultation service (YPCS)

For young people who experience personal or emotional difficulties or dilemmas and would like to talk to somebody about them.

These difficulties may be in relationships with family, friends or partners, or you may have difficulties at school, college or work. You could experience them as low mood, anxiety, or in other ways. 

Sometimes the feelings, thoughts and experiences that bother us most are those we can't discuss with people close to us like friends or relatives.


We offer four free and confidential consultation sessions to young people.

During sessions you can talk with one of our clinicians about painful emotions and thoughts. They may be ones that you haven't felt able to open up about before, which can sometimes be upsetting. It can also bring a sense of relief and understanding, and can provide a way to move forward.

What happens in a consultation?

You have a one-to-one meeting with a young people's consultation service (YPCS) clinician. We aim to help you get a clearer picture of your particular difficulty. Depending on what you want and which approach seems best, your clinician may discuss ways of getting further help.

What can I expect of the clinician?

Your clinician listens carefully and makes comments to help you understand your difficulties.

They don't usually offer direct advice, but work with you to help you become more aware of the issues that cause your problems. This way you can find better ways to deal with them.

Will this appear on my medical records?

This is a confidential service. Your details and record of attendance are kept by us. We don't need to contact your GP and won't do so without your permission.

When you call to arrange an appointment we ask for your GP's name and address. We need to ask which area your GP is based in because there are some areas where we are automatically funded to work with young people who approach us and others where we have to request funding first.

Barnet, Camden and Hammersmith & Fulham

Young people who experience personal or emotional problems. 

Our service is available to different age groups depending on where you live:

  • Barnet - young people up to 25 years old
  • Camden - young people aged 16 to 30 
  • Hammersmith & Fulham - young people aged 18 to 30 

If you feel unsure about whether you are able to access our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help and can talk through your options with you.

You can refer yourself to this service. We don’t need any contact with your GP or other professional, just you. Please phone us to find out more or to make an appointment.

020 8938 2337

Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA