Forensic CAMHS (The Port)

Forensic CAMHS (FCAMHS) is a free specialist forensic CAMHS service designed to provide consultation to professionals who are working with young people about whom there are concerns in terms of neurodevelopmental, mental health, or risk of harm to others and who may or may not be in contact with the youth justice system (YOTs, courts, custodial settings).

In addition to the statement released by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive, Paul Jenkins, we at FCAMHS express our commitment to addressing the structural and systemic racism impacting the lives of many young people and families referred to our service. As a team, we place great importance on understanding harmful behaviour in context and this includes the impact of structural racism and inter-generational trauma on early life, psychological and emotional development, attachment and relational trauma.

We are aware that the pain raised by injustices highlighted in the Black Lives Matter Movement and how the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on these communities has impacted on many young people and families referred to FCAMHS, as well as many colleagues in professional networks.

We are committed to addressing ways in which our team and professional networks may indirectly maintain structural and systemic racism. As a consultation service we pledge to play our part in creating safe spaces for these conversations to happen, so that we can take collective action.

During this time of great concern about public health, we would like to reassure our service users that FCAMHS will continue to run a full service offering advice and consultations via telephone or video as needed.

We understand that the current situation may put further strain and stress on children, young people, their families and professional networks; and we anticipate that this may cause further disruption to already disrupted situations.

We remain available for consultations to assist with these difficulties and will to continue to provide advice and consultation.

Please continue to contact us via our secure email at and we will return your contact with a phone call.

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The Port, North Central and North East London, Forensic CAMHS Team

Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Community FCAMH services typically offer a range of services including clinical consultation and specialist assessment and interventions for young people with very complex needs across a variety of community, residential, secure and custodial settings. In addition to their clinical role, FCAMHS aims to undertake a range of strategic, service development and training functions. FCAMHS aim is to supplement rather than duplicate local CAMHS provision.

Our approach is mostly consultative – relying on the experience of other professionals in formulating an opinion about a case and helping others meet the specific needs young people present. Our multidisciplinary thinking is linked to the longstanding tradition and experience at the Portman Clinic – understanding delinquency, sexually harmful behavior and violence from a relational point of view. We place great importance on early life, psychological and emotional development, attachment and relational trauma.  

We make recommendations about risk and its management, placement, education and general care.  

When relying on other professionals’ experience is not sufficient to formulate an opinion, our consultations may include some direct contact with young people.  In doing so we might use structured diagnostic interviews.

  • We support and partner with community CAMHS, social services, youth offending services, and other agencies, to help manage risk and complex behavioral difficulties
  • We offer our views on offence related interventions for anger management, violence reduction, sexual offending, and dangerous fire setting behavior
  • We understand risk and formulate on it from a relational point of view.

Our outcomes may include:

  • Providing an opinion based on  psychodynamic and systemic understanding to offending behaviors and risk
  • Provision of psychological – relational  formulations based on our multidisciplinary experience in working  with people who present as harmful and highly disturbing.
  • Completion of structured forensic risk assessment
  • Identification of protective factors (mitigating risk)
  • Provision of risk management assessment, formulation, and intervention
  • Involvement of the young person and their family in the care plan
  • Clarification in psychiatric diagnosis and assessment 

Our team has particular expertise in:

  • working at the interface between health, youth justice, welfare, and education systems
  • supporting other services involved with helping high-risk young people
  • understanding the difficulties and dilemmas associated with the care of high-risk young people

Our team includes forensic and child and adolescent psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, clinical nurse specialists, a social worker, and a senior administrator.

We cover and are able to accept referrals from the 13 boroughs across North Central and North East London, including: Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington, City and Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge.

While the service is based at the Portman clinic in North London, we operate a community outreach service across the large geographical area of North Central and North East London.

FCAMHS boroughs

The FCAMHS service is available for any professional who wishes to make contact regarding a young person under 18 giving cause for concern and about whom there are questions regarding his/her mental health or neurodevelopmental difficulties including learning disability and autism, who:

  • present high risk of harm towards others and about whom there is major family or professional concern, and/or
  • are in contact with the youth justice system, or
  • about whom advice about the suitability of an appropriate secure setting is being sought because of the complexity of presentation and severe, recurrent self-harm and or challenging behavior which cannot be managed elsewhere.

We accept referrals for young people living in the North Central and North East London boroughs. However, young people who currently live out of area may also be referred as we can assist with advice and signposting if needed.

Download the referral form now. 

Please call our intake team to discuss the young person or to complete a phone referral on 02089382089. 

Please call us if you would like to discuss a possible referral or to seek clarification about a possible referral. 

Please direct all email correspondence to: