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Help us decide our quality priorities for the year

Providers of NHS healthcare are required to produce an annual Quality Account which describes how we deliver high-quality care to people who use our services.

Each year as part of the quality account, we set out our quality priorities which are areas we want to focus on to improve the quality of services we provide for our patients, their families and our staff. We would like to know what you think of the quality priorities we have drafted for 2024/25. Where applicable, we have linked these to our values – Excellence, Inclusivity, Compassion and Respect.

Based on the outcomes of this survey and other engagement, we may not take all of these areas forward as a quality priority so your feedback is really important to us.

Quality priority survey 2024

Please complete the survey below to help us assess how meaningful these are for you, and what your previous experience may have been in relation to these.

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Strengthen, develop and innovate the way we collect and act on patient feedback

This may include the development of a ‘digital feedback form’ for live feedback separate to the Experience of Service Questionnaire (ESQ), innovative ways of collecting feedback from children & young people and where there may be language barriers, and increasing the use of focus groups in our clinical services. It will also include how we share improvements to services we provide made from feedback received.
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Have you previously provided any feedback to us in relation to this area? Did you feel listened to? Did you feel the feedback was acted on to improve quality?(Required)