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Expenditure over £25,000 – February 2023

Date: February 2023

Entity Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Transaction Number (invoice ID) Amount Narrative
RNK 17/02/2023 Tax Payable Central INLAND REVENUE CIS 45713644 1,038,448 INLAND REVENUE CIS
RNK 03/02/2023 National QC & Accred Fees Non Portfolio UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX 45486693 530,851 Course validation fees
RNK 22/02/2023 Miscellaneous Expenditure Estates Management TARGET BUILDING SERVICES LTD 45702884 63,984 Removal of deadlegs
RNK 24/02/2023 Computer Software/License Fee Informatics EGRESS SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LTD 45828003 46,080 Annual Subscription – Computer Software/License
RNK 22/02/2023 Research GIDS Logic Study UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL 45760869 44,614 Research
RNK 15/02/2023 External Consultancy Fees NWSDU LD Nursing SOUTHPORT AND ORMSKIRK HOSPITAL NHS TRUST 45445065 27,832 External advisory and consultancy
RNK 01/02/2023 Secondment CAMHS Camden LONDON BOROUGH OF CAMDEN 45453652 27,232 Secondment staff from other organisation