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Matt Fysh

I am a post-doctoral research associate with a background in Cognitive Psychology. I completed my BSc, MSc, and PhD at the University of Kent. The focus of my doctoral research and subsequent research interests has been the psychology of person identification in applied settings such as airports. Since completing my PhD, I have worked at the University of Kent as a Lecturer in Psychology and have also been employed as a post-doctoral researcher on two ESRC-funded projects, one of which investigated changes in social communication over the lifespan, and the other which explored the application of virtual reality for understanding person identification in real-world contexts. A critical output from this latter project was the development of avatars of real people, enabling the study of facial recognition to enter the virtual reality domain.

I joined the Tavistock Research Unit in August 2022 and currently am working on the Markers of Autism and Gender Incongruence in Children (MAGIC) ESRC-funded research project in collaboration with researchers at the University of Kent.