Access to your medical record

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you can apply to see the information in your health record.

You will need to apply in writing:

Access to Records Officer
Tavistock Centre
120 Belsize Lane
London, NW3 5BA

or email

If someone else, for example, a relative or a solicitor, is requesting access to your records on your behalf then they must include your written consent with the application.

Legally you must receive a response within 40 days of your application reaching us. There are situations when you may be refused access to some or all of your records, for example, if the information relates to a third party, or if it is considered that the information would cause significant harm to your health.

Access to a child/young person’s medical record

Young people with capacity have the legal right to access their own health records and can allow or prevent access by others, including their parents. A child might of course achieve capacity earlier or later. We usually let children access their own health records; but they will not be given access to information that would cause them serious harm or any information about another person without the other person’s consent.

Parents can access their child’s medical records if the child or young person consents, or lacks capacity, and it does not go against the child’s best interests. If the records contain information given by the child or young person in confidence we would not normally disclose the information without their consent.

There are situations when the Trust can withhold access to some or all of your child’s record. These include situations when it is deemed in your or the child’s best interests to preclude access or when there is information about others (third party information). If access is granted and there is third party information then that information will be redacted.

For more information, or to discuss access to health records, contact the patient advice and liaison service.

If you need technical guidance you can contact the data protection lead, David Wyndham Lewis at