Kids on the Edge: Troubled Girls

Self-harm and suicide are major public health problems for teenagers – rates of self-harm are high in the teenage years and suicide is the second most common cause of death in young people worldwide. Although boys are by no means immune, one in three UK teenage girls is now said to report symptoms of anxiety or depression. A&Es describe a surge in teenagers who seek treatment for their self-harming injuries, and they are predominantly girls.

Kids on the edge – camhs – Demi in front of a wall

This episode, directed by Tim Lawton, tells the stories of two teenage girls, who have repeatedly harmed themselves, and shows the support they receive from Tavistock clinicians.

Demi, 17 years old, has been admitted twice to psychiatric inpatient units after attempts to take her life. She is desperate not to go back. This episode follows Demi as she goes into another crisis and is given intensive support in the community by clinicians, hoping to keep her safe and out of hospital.

The episode also follows Maisie, aged 15, who has been in and out of inpatient units since she was 12. She has been diagnosed with a range of mental health conditions and harms herself. She and her mother are at breaking point. They have come to the Tavistock clinic, hoping that its experts will be able to help.

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How Demi and Maisie feel about taking part

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Struggling with issues around self-harm? Help is available

If you struggle with issues around self-harm, please use the resources below.

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Kids on the edge

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