Kids on the Edge: Last Chance School

An unprecedented number of children in the UK are being diagnosed and treated for a mental health disorder. This film follows three of these children at the Tavistock and Portman’s day unit, Gloucester House. This is a unique NHS-run primary and early secondary school for children with complex emotional, social and behavioural problems. The specialist team of teachers, mental health nurses, therapists and support workers works intensively with its 18 students, many of whom have been excluded from mainstream schools.

Kids on the Edge – Last Chance School - Josh in a tree

The film follows 11 year-old Josh in his last term at the school. Josh was adopted when he was 6 years old, but his traumatic early years have been worked with in his time at the school. After three years at Gloucester House, his parents and the staff at Gloucester House hope he is ready to move on to a mainstream secondary school. Luke is also preparing for life after three years at the Unit, whilst Danya-Leigh has just arrived at the school. Staff must act quickly to understand her needs, and to support her mum who is struggling to cope.

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How Josh, Danya-Leigh and Luke feel about taking part

Watch the video Read the transcript Last chance school Century Films: Do you mind answering some questions? Josh: Yeah, sure. I’d say it was very...

A lead nurse's view – Kirsty Brant on 'Last Chance School'

When we were first approached by Century Films to consider doing a documentary at Gloucester House I was extremely sceptical. My gut reaction was...

The producer’s view – Emily Turner on 'Last Chance School'

“Are you here to be a teacher?” one of the kids asked me on my first day at Gloucester House, “. . . you won’t want to be one after today.” I left...

Kids on the edge

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