Safeguarding children

It is very important that we have robust systems in place to ensure that children are protected from harm. Monitor, our independent regulator, requires us to demonstrate that:

  • we meet statutory requirements regarding Criminal Records Bureau checks
  • child protection policies and systems are updated and robust, including a process for following up children who miss outpatient appointments and a system for flagging children for whom there are safeguarding concern
  • all eligible staff have undertaken and are updated with safeguarding training at level one taking account of emerging messages from the national review of safeguarding training
  • named professionals are clear about their roles and have sufficient time and support to undertake them
  • there is a Board level executive director lead for safeguarding, the Board reviews safeguarding across the organisation at least once a year and has robust audit programmes to assure it that safeguarding systems and processes are working

The Board of Directors has confirmed our compliance with these.