Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the framework that governs the way we operate, covering the conduct of our Trust and regulation of the conduct of our members, employees and agents, in financial and other regulatory matters. In the NHS, this is sometimes referred to as the Publication Scheme.

Our corporate governance framework provides the public with assurance that our organisation is well managed and that we conduct business transparently. Certain information is publicly available and this includes our aims, our financial regulation, our organisational structures and our media information.

You can find most public information on this website.

Much of the framework governing the way we operate is contained in our Constitution:

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust Constitution

View or download our Board and senior leaders organisation chart (PDF, 700Kb)

Clinical governance

Delivering excellent clinical services is a major focus for us and for the NHS.

Clinical governance is a framework that enables trusts to maintain and improve the quality of patient care.

Our effectiveness at meeting national standards is measured by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so that patients and the public can see how safe and effective services are. 

How does clinical governance work? 

Clinical governance covers the following:

  • keeping good patient records and case notes
  • conducting audits to measure clinical performance and practice
  • planning how to identify possible risks or problems and putting steps in place to reduce them
  • completing incident reports to aid investigation of problems
  • carrying out evidence-based research
  • working closely with patients to improve and develop services

All new clinical staff are expected to read our clinical governance handbook, and the policies are also covered in the clinical induction training day.