Annual review

Once you are registered, you must undergo a Review of your progress annually. Annual Reviews are a UEL/Tavistock regulatory requirement. These are usually held in May or July at the end of each academic year.

The purpose of the Annual Review is to ensure that you are being supported appropriately and that you are progressing as expected. In order to continue on your programme and re-enrol on your course you must first successfully complete your Annual Review. Details regarding Annual Reviews, Proformas, Submission of Annual Review documents can also be found on the Professional Doctorates Review Moodle page

Documentation for an Annual Review

All documentation for Annual Reviews can be found at the UEL-Tavi Downloadable forms website

Agree a meeting date

Your Course Administrator will contact you to arrange the date of your annual review. If you cannot attend in person we may be able to arrange for the review to take place via a conference call or video link.

Complete ‘Form A’ and Progress Report

Once the date is agreed, you must submit your forms to your Course Administrator at least three weeks prior to the meeting. The progress report supports ‘form A’ and should include the following:

  1. The title of your research programme and start date
  2. The aims and methodology of your research
  3. A summary of research training to date and identification of any skills training needs
  4. A forward plan for submission
  5. A literature review (first year only)
  6. Draft chapters or presentations made (not in first year)

If you are within 12 months of your viva examination, you do not need to submit a progress report, as the meeting will be used to prepare you for your viva examination.

The Director of Studies (1st supervisor) completes Form B prior to the meeting.

Attend Annual Review meeting

The meeting will be held at the Tavistock. There will be a panel present, comprising at least two members of staff who are not your supervisors, one of whom will chair the meeting. The chair will ensure that the meeting is being carried out according to the Tavi-UEL regulations.

You will be required to deliver a short oral presentation lasting no more than fifteen minutes. This should provide a brief summary of progress and a narrative account of the work undertaken since the last annual review (or since you registered if in your first year). You should conclude with any issues you wish to discuss with the panel or other skill development issues.

The panel can recommend:

  1. That you should progress to the next academic year
  2. That you submit an amended progress report, and the panel reconvene to consider it within two months of the original meeting. If this option is taken, the panel will give you written guidance to address prior to the subsequent meeting
  3. That you be withdrawn. This would be recommended if you fail to attend the meeting after reasonable attempts by the Course Team to arrange one, or if you fail to engage with the review process. It could also be recommended if the panel feels that it is not in your best interest to continue on your course.

The Chair of the panel will then complete Form C.

Receive written feedback

Within two weeks of the annual review meeting, you will receive written feedback.

Re-enrol onto your course

Once you have written confirmation from the annual review panel that you can progress, you must re-enrol. If you have any queries regarding re-enrolment please contact your Course Administrator, whose contact details can be found on your course page on Moodle.

To summarise, we require from you:

  1. Your attendance at the meeting
  2. Form A completed and signed
  3. Your Progress Report
  4. An oral presentation