Pre-enrolment and enrolment - September 2019

Please note that this section will be updated soon for September 2019

It is essential you work your way through this enrolment guide before Welcome Week, and pre-enrol no later than Friday 14 September 2018.  If you do not pre-enrol by this date, your student card will not be available for collection during welcome week and you may experience delays in starting your course.  Please note that you will be required to pre-enrol at the start of each year of your course.

Read on for essential information about your Induction, Enrolment and Welcome Week.

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Pre-enrolment diagram

1.   Pre-enrol by 14 September 2018

Please ensure you complete pre-enrolment via your MyTap portal by Friday 14 September 2018.  If you do not pre-enrol before this date, your student card will not be available to collect in welcome Week which runs from Monday 24 September to Friday 28 September 2018.

Head to MyTAP now.

A: Terms and Conditions

You have been sent the terms and conditions for studying at the Trust with your offer letter and will be asked to accept the terms and conditions as part of your pre-enrolment. 

B: Personal Details

You will need to confirm your personal details, including contact and next of kin details.

You will be required to upload a student photo for your student ID card.

You will need to confirm that your record shows the correct course.

C: Paying Fees

You will need to confirm your fee status, including whether the course fee is as you expect, and whether you have applied for a postgraduate loan (please ensure that you have checked that your intended course is eligible for this).

Please note that course fees increase by the higher of 2% or CPI (consumer price inflation) uplift each year and can be found on the relevant course page on the website.

If you are being sponsored for all or part of the course fee, at pre-enrolment you will need to let us know the sponsor details and how much they have agreed to pay. You will also be required to upload confirmation of funding from the organisation and a purchase order number if required by them. You will be asked to re-confirm sponsor details for each year that you are on the course.

Where you are paying all or part of the fee, you will be able to set up three instalments over the academic year. You will need to provide your card details which are stored securely by our third party payment service provider to take the second and third instalment.  Your first payment will be taken at this time. Instalment dates are as follows:

  • first instalment at pre-enrolment
  • second instalment on Saturday 15 December
  • third instalment on Friday 15 March

(Fees under £650 or sponsor invoices are not eligible for the instalment option.)

Please note that you will be required to repeat the pre-enrolment process at the start of each academic year.

Student applying for a government postgraduate loan will be required to pay 10% of their fee by 21st September 2018. Subsequent instalments will aligned to instalments you will receive from the Student Loans Company.

D: Cancellation and breaking your studies

Cancellations by us

On very rare occasions, we may need to cancel an advertised course due to insufficient student numbers or a lack of a specialist resource. If we do, we will refund, in full, any paid fees.

Cancellations by you

If you wish to cancel and withdraw completely from your studies, you must discuss this with your Course Lead in the first instance. You will then need to complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the Course Administrator. We will treat the withdrawal date as the date the administrator receives this form.  The amount we will refund depends on when you withdraw – see more in our refunds section below.

Breaking your studies

If you decide to break your studies between one year of an academic course and another, you must let us know by the end of the academic year before the one you wish to take off.  When you return after a break, we will charge you the fee for the academic year you wish to return to.  In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to break your course during the academic year, but only with the agreement of the Associate Dean. You will have to pay for the terms attended.

E: Refunds and Charges

Postgraduate Courses

The amount we will charge you depends on when you withdraw from or delay entry to a course - the charges for the academic year 2018/19 are shown below:

Withdraw/delay entry before 26th August 2018 - no charge.

Withdraw/delay entry between 27th August and 23rd September 2018 - 10% of full fee will be charged.

Withdraw /delay entry after the 23rd September 2018 and before the 15th November 2018 - 33% of the full fee will be charged.

Withdraw /delay entry of an accepted offer after the 16th November 2018 - Full fees will be charged.

2.   If your course requires a DBS

We can accept your current DBS if it is registered with the online update service. If this is the case for you, please email your full name, date of birth and 12 digit certificate number and written permission for us to access your DBS online to

If you do not have a DBS or yours is not on the online update service, you will need to apply for one with us. Please contact in order to arrange an appointment.

It is the Trust’s policy that you must have a DBS check completed by the Trust which will be valid for a period of 3 years. We are unable to accept a DBS check from an employer unless you are employed already by the Tavistock Trust.

3.   If your course requires a placement

If this has not already been set up, please ensure that you have taken steps to do so before the start of your course. If you have any queries then please contact in the first instance.

4.   Shibboleth log-in for online Library services and Moodle

You will be emailed your Shibboleth log-in, around 12 September 2018, which enables you to log-on to the Library’s online services and gain general access to Moodle.  Please contact the Library if you have any queries:

4b. Printing and copying in the Library

Computing and printing facilities are available in the library. In order to be able to print and photocopy you will need to create a personal online print account.  Details about how to do this will be available nearer Welcome Week.

5. Moodle enrolment keys

On or after 19 September 2018, you will be emailed the details to access your specific course page in Moodle.  Please contact TEL if you have any queries:

6.  Attend Welcome Week

Welcome Week runs from Monday 24 September to Friday 28 September 2018

The Trust’s Welcome Week is about preparing for the start of your studies with an induction, meeting your fellow students and staff and completing some essential administrative and governance tasks. Additionally, there are some fun welcome events for everyone to attend if they would like to do so – please check out the calendar of events page below.

Welcome Week reception

On arrival, you will be directed to the welcome week reception which is located in the ground floor lift lobby.  Staff will sign you in, explain where you need to go, answer any queries and point you in the right direction.

Welcoming everyone

We are committed to equality of opportunity - and we aim to make sure our students and staff are treated respectfully and regardless of difference.  In our clinical practice, teaching and research, we are committed to inclusivity and excellence and your learning experience will be grounded in these principles.  

6a. Face-to face enrolment in Welcome Week

Although you have pre-enrolled online, you are not fully enrolled until you have attended a face-to-face enrolment session at your centre of delivery (i.e. the Trust or a National Centre) and shown your identity documents.  It is a legal requirement that you be fully enrolled before you start/attend any sessions at the Trust or National Centres.

All Trust students, are required to attend one of the daily face-to-face enrolment sessions in welcome week to finalise their enrolment and collect their student card, which doubles as a Library membership card.

Most students complete their face-to-face enrolment before or after their Induction depending on the time of the Induction.  However, it is up to you when you complete this task and you are welcome to attend at any time during the opening times – see below.  It is advisable to leave a minimum of at least 60 minutes to complete this task.

Face-to-face enrolment opening times in seminar rooms 1-3, ground floor, Tavistock Centre

(National centre students – please check with the site of delivery for details on how to enroll)

Monday 24 September 2018: 10am–5pm

Tuesday 25 September 2018: 10am–6pm

Wednesday 26 September 2018: 10am–6pm

Thursday 27 September 2018: 10am–6pm

Friday 28 September 2018: 10am–12pm

You will need to bring the following with you to complete your face-to-face enrolment:

Your Passport or UK Driving Licence or EU Identity card.

Your visa or biometric residence permit (if you entered the UK with one).

Your DBS certificate, if your course requires one.

If you are being sponsored by an organisation, you need to upload the sponsor’s details on headed paper and ensure you bring this with you to enroll.

6b. Attend your induction in Welcome Week

Trust inductions will be held on the same day of the week that your course will run. 

(EXCEPT FOR: Foundations of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (PCMATP001 – D58 and PCPDTPOO1 – D58) and Inter-cultural psychodynamic psychotherapy (PCTCTP004 – D59I) which will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 27 September 2018 after the clinical and directorate Induction, rather than on their usual teaching day of Wednesday). 

Please refer to the induction timetable for the time of your Induction.

Induction Timetable

6c. Attend the clinical directorate and induction day (clinical courses only)

Those of you on clinical programmes of study must attend the Clinical Directorate and Induction day on Thursday 27 September 2018 from 9am–2.15pm.  Attendance is not optional and is part of the requirements of the Trust’s Governance Passport which you will need to obtain before starting your course.  For more details about starting clinical work at the Trust and for a list of programmes that this applies to, please ensure you read the section – Governance for clinical trainees.

7. Unable to attend Welcome Week?

If you foresee any problems with attending, please contact your course administrator as you will not be able to start your studies until you have completed your pre-enrolment online and completed a face-to-face enrolment session to confirm your ID.

8. Help

If you need any help throughout the enrolment process, please contact the Academic Hub: as they will be your first point of contact.

9. Re-enrolment (all courses)

Please note that you will be required to repeat the pre-enrolment process at the start of each academic year.

Please ensure you do pre-enrol each year.

You will not normally be required to attend another face-to-face enrolment session again.  If you do not complete this each year, you may not be able to continue on your programme. If you have any questions, staff will be available, during advertised times in welcome week.

Download the Enrolment and welcome guide for new students AY 2018-19

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