Enrolment for new students starting in September 2020

Before you start your course with us you will be asked to complete enrolment online, via your MyTAP portal.  It is essential you enrol as soon as you can so that enrolment can be completed when you come to your course induction in Welcome Week.  

Student in conversation with yellow top

1. Enrol as soon as you can

Once you have been made and accepted an Unconditional offer of study, we will contact you to complete enrolment via your MyTap portal.

A: Terms and Conditions

You have been sent the terms and conditions for studying at the Trust with your offer letter and will be asked to accept the terms and conditions as part of the first stage of your enrolment. 

View the Terms and Conditions of study.

B: Personal Details

• You will need to confirm your personal details, including contact and next of kin details.
• You will be required to upload a student photo for your student ID card.
• You will need to confirm that your record shows the correct course.

C: Paying Fees

• You will need to confirm your fee status, including whether the course and the fee is as you expect, and whether you have applied for a postgraduate loan (please ensure that you have checked that your intended course is eligible for this).

• Please note that course fees increase by the higher of 3% or CPI (consumer price inflation) uplift each year and can be found on the relevant course page on the website.

• If you are being sponsored for all or part of the course fee, at enrolment you will need to let us know the sponsor details and how much they have agreed to pay. You will also be required to upload confirmation of funding from the organisation and a purchase order number if required by them. You will be asked to re-confirm sponsor details for each year that you are on the course.

• Where you are paying all or part of the fee, you will be able to set up three instalments over the academic year. The instalments are not aligned to the number of terms attended. You will need to provide your card details which are stored securely by our third party payment service provider to take the second and third instalment. Your first payment will be taken immediately. Instalment dates are as follows:

  • first instalment at enrolment
  • second instalment on 15 December 
  • third instalment on 15 March
(Fees under £650 or sponsor invoices are not eligible for the instalment option.)

• Students applying for a government postgraduate loan will be required to pay 1% of their fee at enrolment. The subsequent three instalments will be closely aligned to instalments you will receive from the Student Loans Company.

Once you have completed enrolment, you will have access to your financial information via your MyTap portal. This will include:-

• Being able to view your invoices and receipts.

• Being able to see fees that are outstanding.

• Being able to see your instalment set up details, including whether payments have been successfully taken.

• Being able to make payments online where stored card details have failed (due to card change or expiry).

• Being able to see sponsor transactions i.e. whether your sponsor has settled their invoice(s).

D: Cancellation and breaking your studies

• Cancellations by us:

On very rare occasions, we may need to cancel an advertised course due to insufficient student numbers or a lack of a specialist resource. If we do, we will refund, in full, any paid fees.

• Cancellations by you:

If you wish to cancel and withdraw completely from your studies, you must discuss this with your Course Lead in the first instance. You will then need to complete a withdrawal form and submit it to the Course Administrator. We will treat the withdrawal date, as the date the administrator receives this form fully completed. The amount we will refund depends on when you withdraw – see more in our refunds section below.

• Breaking your studies:

If you decide to break your studies between one year of an academic course and another, you must let us know by the end of the academic year before the one you wish to take off. When you return after a break, we will charge you the fee for the academic year you wish to return to. In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to break your course during the academic year, but only with the agreement of the Course Lead. You will have to pay for the terms attended or part attended.

E: Refunds and Charges

• Postgraduate Courses

1)   Please see information on refunds and charges on our Fee regulations page.

2.   If your course requires a DBS

It is the Trust’s policy that you must have a DBS check completed by the Trust which will be valid for a period of 3 years. We are unable to accept a DBS check from an employer unless you are already employed by the Tavistock and Portman Foundation Trust.

We can accept your current DBS if it is registered with the online update service. If this is the case for you, please book your online DBS meeting where you will be asked to show a member of staff the certificate on screen and to provide us with your date of birth and 12 digit certificate number and permission for us to access your DBS online. We will continue to check these details throughout your student journey with us. 

If you do not have a DBS or your is not on the online update service, you will need to apply for one with us. You can find further details of the documentation that can be accepted for your DBS check at the Gov.uk website by following this link: DBS documentation guidance.

To Book your DBS meeting with us, please follow this link to select a date and time. Click here to Book a DBS meeting.

If you are unsure as to whether you need a DBS check, please contact us at academichub@tavi-port.nhs.uk

3.   If your course requires a placement

If your course involves a placement for you to source and you have difficulty in doing so, please contact academichub@tavi-port.ac.uk in the first instance. 

4.   Shibboleth log-in for online Library services and Moodle

You will be emailed your Shibboleth log-in, in September 2020, which enables you to log-on to the Library’s online services and gain general access to Moodle.  Please contact the Library if you have any queries: Library@tavi-port.ac.uk

5. Moodle enrolment keys

In September 2020, you will be emailed the details to access your specific course page in Moodle.  Please contact TEL if you have any queries:  TELsupport@tavi-port.org

Watch TEL’s Moodle induction screencast for students.

6.  Attend Welcome Week

The Trust’s Welcome Week is about preparing for the start of your studies with an induction, meeting your fellow students and staff and completing some essential administrative and governance tasks. 

Welcoming everyone

We are committed to equality of opportunity - and we aim to make sure our students and staff are treated respectfully and regardless of difference.  In our clinical practice, teaching and research, we are committed to inclusivity and excellence and your learning experience will be grounded in these principles.  

6a. Attend the clinical directorate and induction day (clinical courses only)

Those of you on clinical programmes of study will be required to undertake clinical checks and inductions as part of the Trust’s Governance passport, prior to starting your clinical work at the Trust.  

You can find more information on our Welcome events on our Welcome Week Page.  

7. Help

If you need any help throughout the enrolment process, please contact the Academic Hub: academichub@tavi-port.nhs.uk as they will be your first point of contact.

8. Re-enrolment (all courses)

Please note that you will be required to repeat process at the start of each subsequent academic year. Please ensure you do enrol promptly each year.