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Course overview

Tavistock Consulting’s Executive Coaching programme is validated by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council to Senior Practitioner level. It will develop your coaching career and/or improve your effectiveness as an internal coach to colleagues inside your organisation. You will develop your capability and confidence to work at a deeper level with coaching clients, enabling them to understand root causes and change in a way that results in sustainably better relationships, clearer goals and more effective action.

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The Executive coaching programme is rooted in a systems-psychodynamic approach to organisations and is practice-based. The programme uses different learning techniques to develop your in-depth coaching skills including experiential exercises, facilitated role-play, theory presentations, skills practice, video analysis and reflective plenary sessions.

You will undertake ninety hours of coaching and receive intensive supervision, both one to one with an experienced supervisor and in small coaching syndicates and supervision groups. You will develop your coaching practice under group and individual supervision and your reflective capacity through detailed feedback on the reflective log you will submit following each two day programme module.

The modules on this course will cover different aspects of coaching including defining the task of coaching, understanding and developing yourself as an effective coach, the impact of coaching on the client’s organisation, developing the coaching relationship with clients, linking coaching to the wider business environment and ethical practice.

The external examiner for the course is Erik de Haan, Director of the Centre for Coaching at Ashridge Business School.

This method of executive coaching will enable you to work at depth using emotional data to tackle the hard to reach issues that sometimes limit the performance of leaders, teams and organisations. This programme and qualification can also be commissioned as a bespoke course to take place inside a client organisation or HR department.

What students say:

"When I decided to qualify as an executive coach, I immediately knew that I wanted to train at Tavistock Consulting. Over the years in my role as an HR Director I had got to know more about their approach having received executive coaching myself and having commissioned a piece of consultancy work from Tavistock Consulting.  What differentiates them is a focus on what lies beneath the surface - what is really driving feelings and behaviours in organisations.  The training programme is robust and strikes the perfect balance between theory and practice. I now feel very well equipped to progress my career as a coach."

Head of HR & Executive Coach, 2014/15

"When the executive coaching course pops into mind, a smile comes to my mind.  I love it: I think the group works well and is forming a nice cohesive and empathic whole.  The slow-but-deep teaching style and the complementary approaches of the two teachers works well for me.  I like the balance of theory and experience, a cycle of thinking-reflecting-doing-reflecting and I like it too because, so far at least, even when I’m in the hot-seat, I’ve felt safe.  This is not an easy environment to create, but when it is created, it really fosters learning and higher levels of motivation.”

Director of Management Consultancy practice, 2013/14

“Looking back, I do think this is an excellent programme and for me, absolutely essential to bring to fruition my previous learnings.  The Executive Coaching programme has really enabled me to integrate what I previously learned at the Tavistock into my practice.  I would recommend it strongly to anyone who wants to apply systemic psychodynamic thinking to coaching and consultancy.”

Emeritus Professor of Management University College Cork, Ireland, 2012/13

Pre- module welcome session online: 21 September 2021 9am -12.30pm

Module 1

27 & 28 Sept 2021No supervision after Module 1

Introduction to the Systems Psychodynamic Model, Skills Development: Beginning Phase of Coaching

Module 2

29 & 30 November 2021

Supervision 1th December 2021

Skills Development: The Middle Phase of Coaching, Engaging the Organisation

Module 3

7 & 8 February 2022

Supervision 9th February 2022

Skills Development: The End Phase of Coaching, Reviewing; re-contracting and endings

Module 4

25 & 26 April 2022

Supervision 27th April 2022

Practicing Advanced Skills, Coaching Practice using Video Feedback

Module 5

27st & 28nd June 2022

Supervision 29rd June 2021

Skills Laboratory: Further Work with a Systems Psychodynamic model

Professional practice and the wider Coaching Context           

Supervision groups: 4 x 2hr sessions, run from 10am - 12pm on the above dates. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Supervision Groups will take place on a full day after Module 5.

Supervision groups 5 & 6: Tuesday 14th September - 10am-12pm and 2-4pm

Supervision groups 7 & 8: Tuesday 9th November - 10am-12pm and 2-4pm

Please note: these dates may be subject to change. 

The course is suitable for practising coaches who want to work at a deeper level with clients; organisational consultants who wish to develop their one to one skills; and clinicians, managers and leaders wanting to add executive coaching to their portfolio.

There are no academic qualifications required for entry into the course, and participants come from many professional backgrounds.  Participants share a desire to work at a deeper one-to-one level with clients in organisations, in order to help improve working relationships and personal effectiveness.

Decisions about suitability are based on a one-to-one interview with a member of the course faculty.

For the award of the Tavistock Certificate in Executive Coaching participants must satisfy course staff that they possess the relevant competencies for practice in alignment with the EMCC Senior Practitioner Competency Framework.

50% is based on continuous assessment of the development of students’ coaching skills through observation including a mid-course and end of course review, 50% on written submissions i.e. case summaries based on current coaching practice. 

Jennie McShannon

Jennie McShannon has 20 years leadership experience in the voluntary sector with seven years as Chief Executive of a national membership organisation.  She has also worked on a number of public sector leadership development projects providing training in systems thinking.

Her approach to training and consultancy support is centred on systems-psychodynamic thinking which she drew on when leading major change programmes and engaging with diverse stakeholders.  Her interest is in assisting organisations to understand how the work is often unconsciously organised in such a way to prevent them achieving their task and purpose, and how they can use their understanding to become more effective and create a more sustainable and healthier working environment.

Jennie is a faculty member of Tavistock and Portman's Consulting and leading in organisations: psychodynamic and systemic approaches (D10) course.




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Tavistock consulting certificate in executive coaching
Course length:
18 months
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Course lead:
Jennie McShannon

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