Doctoral student research

We support a community of over 150 students across a range of Professional Doctorate programmes and PhDs at the Tavistock.

  • Almost 150 Professional Doctorate or PhDs have been awarded since 2008
  • World-class supervisors. Leading the field in their specialist areas of clinical and/or research practice
  • 90% completion rate
  • 89% rated our teaching ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’
  • 93% agreed that the course enabled their development of professional skills
  • Our doctoral graduates have a good record of publishing their research and presenting at national and international conferences

The following guidance and resource pages are for both PhD and Professional Doctorate (ProfDoc) students on University of East London (UEL) and University of Essex (Essex) Validated courses, their supervisors, as well as any other interested parties. For current research students, please visit the Research Student Forum on Moodle.

Professional doctorate student lifecycle

If you are on a professional doctorate course, the first phase of your course is described as the taught phase or training/clinical part of your course. Most of the information that you will need whilst on the taught phase of your courses can be found on your course page on Moodle and in your course handbook.

After completing the taught element and in order to gain the doctorate award, students will need to complete a thesis/dissertation. All ProfDoc students will be required to register a thesis proposal and gain the appropriate ethical approval(s) before proceeding with any research. The process of registration, ethical approval and other university specific processes ProfDoc students are required to undertake are described step-by-step in the pages below. 

For information relating to the management and governance of all research carried out within the Trust, including funding opportunities, please visit the getting started webpages. Alternatively, please visit Noclor Research Support.

Essex doctorates

The following guidance and resource pages are for Professional Doctorate students on University of Essex validated courses, their supervisors as...

UEL doctorates

We support a community of over 85 students across a range of Professional Doctorate programmes at the Tavistock.


As a student of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust it is most likely that you will need to gain some form of ethical clearance before...

A guide to MyResearch - an online application for doctoral students, research supervisors and research/course leads

The following guidance and resources are for professional doctorate students registered on University of Essex validated doctoral courses, research...