Meet the NWSDU team

Chris Caldwell - NWSDU

Chris Caldwell is the Director of Nursing and Director of NWSDU. Chris joined the Trust in November 2016. 

As well as her role as Director of Nursing, Chris is also the Director of the National Workforce Skills Development Unit and oversees the Trust's work on perinatal mental health. 

Previously she had been the Dean of Healthcare Professions at Health Education England's north central and east London local office. 

Chris has over twenty years experience in the NHS, higher education and health policy. Her previous roles include Deputy Director of Education and Assistant Chief Nurse at Great Ormond Street, Programme Manager at the Department of Health, and Programme Director at the Royal College of Nursing.

She is a registered children’s nurse, general nurse and nurse teacher.

Ian Tegderdine - NWSDU

Ian Tegerdine is the Deputy Director of the NWSDU.

Ian is a Podiatrist by professional background but has spent most of his career in training, education, human resources, organisational and workforce development.

He spends way too much time and money indulging his favourite pastime of theatre in all its forms.

Rob Hardy - NWSDU 2

Rob Hardy is the Senior Programme Lead at the Unit. Rob supports the Associate Director with running the unit, engaging with stakeholders across the country and has leadership across the core project work.

Rob spent most of his career working on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme at both a regional (London) and a national level – latterly being the Health Education England (HEE) IAPT National workforce programme lead and deputy national mental health lead. Rob also spent some time working at University College London (UCL) running the Psychological Interventions Research Centre managing a number of evaluation projects of mental health and addiction services. 

All of my spare time is taken up with music playing guitar with my band regularly touring around Europe and writing and releasing new records.

Joanna Daci - NWSDU

Joanna Daci is the programme operations manager with responsibility for operational effectiveness of the National Workforce Skills Development Unit and executing communications activities. 

She has over 15 years’ experience within an educational sector, managing numerous improvements projects. 

She enjoys spending time with her two little children and her favourite past-times include painting, travelling, exploring nature and playing basketball.

Richard Wayoe3Richard Wayoe is a Project Manager working on Attitudes to Mental Health Careers in the NHS.  He is also Stakeholder Manager of the Trust’s BAME Network. He studied Biological & Biomedical Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

 Work aside, Richard enjoys sport, YouTube tech videos, anime, marvel movies & baking.

Juliane Lang - NWSDU

Juliane Lang has been a Project Manager with the Unit since 2018. She is mainly working on projects looking at how to improve and promote mental health career pathways in the NHS. She has also managed work on the Workforce Stress and the Supportive Organisation framework.

Prior to joining the unit, she managed large scale consulting projects and conducted economic market analysis in the private sector.  Juliane has a keen interest in Mental Health and completed a Master’s in Psychology in 2017.

In her spare time, she can be found bouldering, climbing mountains or discussing tasty food in great detail. 

Gloria Tawiah

Gloria Tawiah is a Project Manager in the NWSDU. 

Gloria completed a Master’s in Public Health in 2018 and has a keen interest in population and mental health issues.   

Outside of work, Gloria serves as a Sunday School teacher and a mentor to a group of 11 to 20 year olds. In her spare time, Gloria enjoys playing badminton and watching reruns of friends and criminal minds. 

Ryan Matthews4Ryan Matthews joins the team having recently returned from a year in Australia. He is an experienced NHS manager and commissioner; and combines this experience with Project skills picked up in the energy and transport sectors.

He loves football, live comedy, music and the theatre and is a keen (vegan) cook.

Amina Jahan Ali of the National Workforce Skills Development Unit

Amina Jahan Ali is a Project Manager and the newest member of the team. She has previously worked in Workforce Development in the education sector in the Health Sciences department, managing the delivery of training and courses. In her spare time, she is involved in environmental activism and enjoys dancing, reading and walking.

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