Our projects

To date, the Unit has been engaged in a broad portfolio of projects.

Our projects for 2021/22

Maximising the contribution of Allied Health Professionals within mental health, learning disability and autism settings

We want to better understand how AHPs work within mental health (MH), learning disabilities (LD), and autism settings.

Preparing the workforce for the proposed Mental Health Act reform

We want to understand how the proposed changes to the Mental Health Act (1983) (2007) might impact the mental health workforce.

Children and young people’s mental health inpatient workforce development strategy

This project will develop a comprehensive development strategy for the workforce providing care to children and young people’s mental health (CYP...

Our projects for 2020/21

Building on the mental health support workforce to meet service requirements

This 2020/21 project was interested in better understanding the mental health support workforce, especially those in non-registered patient facing...

Improving system capability of new roles development

We were commissioned to develop an evidence-based Good Practice Guide in Developing New Workforce Roles in 2018.

Retaining mental health nurses in the last third of their career

We want to understand how we can best deploy and retain our most experienced mental health nurses.

Testing the impact of the stress and resilience framework on staff wellbeing

We are going to measure the impact of our stress and resilience framework on staff wellbeing.

Development and career progression for ethnic minority and disabled groups

The Diversity Project is examining the representation and experiences of staff from ethnic minority and disabled groups.

Mental health nursing post-registration national standards

Mental health nurses complete their courses with a range of skills and the ability to work across a variety of settings. As nurses acquire new...

Supporting workplan delivery, communications and engagement through network development

We bring together mental health trusts across England to pool knowledge, experience and understanding to influence the wider system.

National Mental Health Workforce Development Collaborative workshop on ‘Thriving at work’

We want to consider how to adopt the recommendations from the Thriving at Work review, commissioned by the Prime Minister and led by Dennis...

If you'd like to learn more about any of the projects, email us at workforce@tavi-port.nhs.uk

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