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Professional development and career progression

Supporting promotion of mental health careers and developing psychology graduate career pathways

This project supported the promotion of mental health careers within the NHS and aimed to understand why more psychology graduates were not working...

Optimising the development to increase the number of the Multi-Disciplinary Approved/Responsible Clinician Extended Roles across England

To raise awareness and optimise the development of multi-disciplinary approved / responsible clinician roles within organisations across England in...

Review of mental health e-learning

There has been rapid advancement in approaches to mental health in England and internationally over recent years. In order to reflect this and...

Attitudes towards mental health careers in the NHS

This project investigated attitudes towards mental health careers in the NHS to be able to better promote these career options

Skills and training commissioning in primary care mental health

To understand where gaps in training and competency are in primary care and support and develop new and existing training where needed.

Maximising efficiency in psychological professions’ training routes

To consider ways of maximising efficiency in training routes for psychological professions

Developing good practice in new workforce roles

Reviews of workforce plans revealed that the lack of integrated approach to planning creates risk in role success and sustainability.

Band 6 aspiring manager leader role for mental health

We wanted to help aspiring nurses and allied health professionals move into leadership positions

Non-registered Mental Health Workforce

Mapping the non-registered mental health workforce across trusts in North Central London

This project helped four mental health trusts in North Central London to map their non-registered mental health workforce.

Children and Young People's Mental Health Services

Developing a NHS framework for harmful sexual behaviours in children and young people

Working with children displaying harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) can be challenging for NHS staff, and NHS staff development may not form part of...

Enhancing the skills of registered nurses in CYP mental health

To address any gaps in knowledge of registered nurses from the four nursing specialisms (adult nursing, children's nursing, mental health nursing...

Children and young people with learning disability and complex mental health conditions transforming care workforce

To develop a strategic workforce planning framework to support workforce development in the 49 Transforming Care Partnerships.

Adult mental health services

Supporting good mental health in your patients with long term conditions

Two-thirds of people with long-term physical health conditions (LTCs) also experience mental health problems. This impacts patients and the staff...

Using reflective practice with frequent attenders: development of an e-learning module

To support front line staff to better understand and manage their needs when working with frequent service attenders through reflective practice.

Workforce Wellbeing

Enhancing management of psychological distress and promoting systemic resilience

To seek fresh approaches to addressing workplace stress and resilience

National Mental Health Workforce Development Collaborative workshop on ‘Thriving at work’

We want to consider how to adopt the recommendations from the Thriving at Work review, commissioned by the Prime Minister and led by Dennis...

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