National Mental Health Workforce Development Collaborative (NMHWC)

The National Mental Health Workforce Development Collaborative is a virtual centre of excellence around mental health education, training and workforce transformation.

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The Collaborative is formed through seven mental health trusts across England working together.

Its current priorities are:

  • Workforce design including new roles 
  • Workforce development
  • Staff wellbeing

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Seven Mental Health Trusts have agreed to work together to establish a National Mental Health Workforce Development Collaborative. Each of the partners brings a range of distinctive expertise in different areas of mental health practice and other areas of service delivery.  The partners cover a broad range of national geography including a good mix of urban and rural settings.  Each of the partners is well engaged with one or more Sustainable Transformational Partnerships with several partners taking the lead, on mental health or workforce work streams. The primary scope of the Collaborative is the mental health and learning difficulties workforce.


The Collaborative is formed of the Trusts that constitute the founding members, which are:

  1. Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust
  2. Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  3. Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust
  4. Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust
  5. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  6. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  7. Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Reasons for collaboration

The Collaborative was designed in December 2016 and signed off by the seven Trusts in April 2017. The Trust have agreed that there are a number of factors which make collaboration in the area of mental health training and workforce transformation attractive at this time:

  • All providers face major challenges in sustaining and developing their workforce at a time of major financial pressure.
  • Implementation of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health creates big requirements for the expansion and development of the mental health workforce.
  • There is a need to raise the profile and voice of mental health at a time when the agenda can be dominated by issues of acute providers.
  • There is an ongoing need to facilitate the transfer of consistent best practice between providers