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Add Wellbeing logoWe are pleased to announce the launch of Add | Wellbeing - our new Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace programme and we will be partnering with businesses over the next year.

Add | Wellbeing is one of 19 initiatives across the UK selected to receive funding from the Work and Health Challenge Fund, which was set up by the Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Health and Social Care to test potential solutions which help people with disabilities and health conditions to remain in work.

The need

In a fast changing and at times uncertain marketplace, workforce wellbeing and resilience are increasingly recognised as key to business productivity, sustainability and readiness for change.[1]

Policy-makers and business leaders are now tuning into the cost and consequences of not paying attention to employee mental health, as well as identifying the need to increase awareness and engagement with mental health issues. The figures make it clear as to why it is essential to adopt a strategic approach to mental health at work:

Add Wellbeing infographic

SourcesMind Culture, Institute of Leadership and Management (2017), BITC (2017), Ellipse (2017), CIPD (2016)

Why you?

We are looking to work with businesses who are ready to reflect on what is working and what can be improved in order to develop organisational resilience to mental ill health and boost productivity. 

Why us?

The Tavistock Clinic has almost a century of experience of pioneering work with individuals, families and organisations, working systemically and with an in-depth understanding of their situation to improve mental health, relationships and emotional wellbeing. 

The Add | Wellbeing Development team is made up of highly experienced:

  • organisational consultants
  • clinical psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • executive coaches
  • educational psychologists
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • higher education lecturers. 

This level of expertise combined with our whole business approach to delivery offers your business a truly unique package of unparalleled quality and care. 

What is it?

  • Drawing on a track record of research and pioneering therapeutic approaches, we have developed a whole business partnership approach to workplace wellbeing that combines:
  • Tailored training for staff and managers from expert clinical psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Mediation and interventions such as talking therapies
  • On-call clinical advice and support
  • Signposting to other health and wellbeing services
  • Gold standard free to access resources
  • Support in developing a Mental Health and Wellbeing policy for your business

Add Wellbeing process diagram


+ Tailored Proposal: The journey begins with an initial meeting with our Add | Wellbeing Team and your senior representatives whereby our team can produce an example offer.

+ Organisational Health Assessment: This vital element of the programme will take roughly 5-10 days spread over approximately 5 weeks, with pace tailored to suit your business. It involves gathering in-depth information from all sections of your business (face to face and online). This data will be analysed by our expert Add | Wellbeing team and a comprehensive Organisational Health Assessment report will be produced. 

+ Allocation of Relationship Manager: A Mental Health expert who will be accessible to your business throughout your Add | Wellbeing programme and beyond.

+ Access to Resources: We will provide your business with free-to-access tools and resources, tailored to your specific wellbeing needs

+ Roadmap Design and Feedback Meeting: We believe that what sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to partnership collaboration and this is the basis for the design stage. Using the findings from the assessment stage, we will work with senior staff to create a strategic Mental Health roadmap that can be spread out over 1–3 years. This design will take up to 1-2 days, again working around the capacity of the business.

+ Roadmap Launch set: Fitting into your strategic plan, the Roadmap of change activities is signed off. 

+ Roadmap Launched: All is signed off and the +training, +consultation and +clinical interventions are delivered.

+Ongoing access to Relationship Manager: who will support the successful delivery of the roadmap and initiate any individual mitigations where needed.

+ Annual reassessment: Every year, we will refresh the Organisational Health Assessment to ensure that the roadmap is relevant to the changing needs of your business. 

Ongoing Culture of Change

Understanding the needs of business, we have carefully designed a package that impacts your staff resources as little as possible and offers flexibility in delivery to suit your uniqueness.

At the end of the delivery of the initial roadmap we needn’t disappear and are committed to giving ongoing support as your business Mental Health and wellbeing strategies mature.

How much will it cost?

Our prices reflect the competitive market. At delivery stage the cost to your business is completely tailored to your individualised Roadmap design and budget.

For a limited time only we are also able to offer a reduced fee to Small to Medium Enterprises as part of our test and learn phase, as funded by the Work and Health Challenge Fund. You will support us to test potential solutions and to gather learning on what works. For more details on costs, please contact Freddie below.

Next steps

If you are committed to making your business more resilient to Mental Ill Health for a more productive workplace, then we are the right partners for you.

Please contact Freddie Peel, Senior Strategy and Transformation Manager, to explore how the Tavistock can help you develop and sustain wellbeing in a way that enables your people and your business to thrive.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8938 2537


[1] Thriving at Work Report, Stevenson/Farmer (2017)

Please contact Freddie Peel, Senior Strategy and Transformation Manager, to explore how the Tavistock can help you develop and sustain wellbeing in a way that enables your people and your business to thrive.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8938 2537