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We work with organisations to assess, design and deliver bespoke mental health support – employing a ‘whole system’ approach to offer in-depth insights, and facilitate long-term cultural change. 

Add | Wellbeing is our mental health and wellbeing in the workplace programme.

We are the only NHS workplace wellbeing service to offer a ‘whole system’ approach to improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of the workforce. This means that as well as looking at individual needs, we look at what is happening on an organisational level. 

The Need

Issues that affect workforce mental health are the ripples that risk causing waves that can damage the whole organisation. But, in too many businesses, we know that the ripple effect is due to a whole range of organisational issues that impact on mental health.

Official Health & Safety Executive estimates show that organisations are facing not just a wave, but a tsunami of mental health issues – accounting for 40% of sick days. [1] This means that poor mental health is costing UK employers GBP £45 billion every year – affecting businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. [2] It is everybody’s responsibility and everyone can do something to help calm the waters and improve mental health in the workplace.

There are many organisations able to support employers, but none which have the clinical expertise of the NHS, over 100 years of institutional experience in mental health training and research, and the ability to offer all the training, consultancy, clinical expertise and advice that employers and employees need.

Equally, there are only a few specialists that take the individual experience of mental health in the workplace and tie it into the organisational structures and processes which, in many cases, can be the underlying cause of problems for staff.

Addressing the Problem

The best approach to working with the complexities of mental health issues in the workplace is to work together to ride out the waves and find calmer waters where everyone is heard, respected and able to thrive.

 Developed within a leading NHS Mental Health Trust, Add | Wellbeing works with organisations to assess, design and deliver bespoke mental health support.

Add | Wellbeing looks at the whole picture – not just what organisations or individuals tell the experts, but how stories are told and what this might tell us about areas to be explored in mental health.

Add | Wellbeing follows a flexible and dynamic three-step process to support organisations over time. We work with you to:

  • Assess the overall mental health of the organisation as a whole, including the health of the workforce 
  • Design a dynamic, bespoke response to the assessment findings, including ongoing advice, training and consultation, or referral to other providers  
  • Deliver tailored interventions by expert mental health specialists and organisational consultants, including training, consultation, talking therapies, advice and support.

The Benefit

By working with Add | Wellbeing, employers can realise the legal, moral and financial benefits of supporting the mental health of their workforce:

  • Adherence to Health & Safety Executive management standards [3]
  • Better support for the 15% of employees who have mental health conditions in the workplace [4]
  • A financial return on investment of £5 for every £1 spent due to decreased absenteeism and staff turnover. [2]






Why you?

We are looking to work with businesses who are ready reflect on what is working and what can be improved in order to develop organisational resilience to mental ill health and boost productivity. 

Why us?

The Tavistock Clinic has almost a century of experience of pioneering work with individuals, families and organisations, working systemically and with an in-depth understanding of their situation to improve mental health, relationships and emotional wellbeing. The Add | Wellbeing Development team is made up of highly experienced NHS work-focused practitioners, including organisational consultants, mental health nurses,  psychotherapists and expert clinical trainers who understand the continuum of mental health and its presentation in organisations. This level of expertise, combined with our 'whole business' approach to delivery, offers your organisation a truly unique package of unparalleled quality and care. 

What is it?

Drawing on a track record of research and pioneering therapeutic approaches, we have developed a whole business partnership approach to workplace wellbeing that combines:

  • Tailored training for staff and managers from expert Clinical psychologists and psychotherapists

  • Mediation and interventions such as talking therapies

  • On-call advice and support

  • Signposting to other health and wellbeing services

  • Gold standard free to access resources

  • Support in developing a Mental Health and Wellbeing policy for your business

Add | Wellbeing process diagram


+  Initial Meeting:  The journey begins with your senior representatives meeting our team who will then therapeutically reflect on initial findings.

+ Organisational Health Assessment: This involves gathering in-depth information from all sections of your business (face-to-face and online), using both quantitative data and the important qualitative information coming from the more subjective voices and stories of the staff. This data will be analysed by our expert Add | Wellbeing team to produce a comprehensive Organisational Health Assessment report, highlighting key findings and recommendations. We will highlight the practices you already have in place that support wellbeing and positive mental health as well as any areas that might require attention by offering pragmatic and long-lasting recommendations for action. We use the Health and Safety Executive Management Standards as a comparison measure that we incorporate into our report.

+ Allocation of Relationship Manager: An advisor who will be accessible to your business throughout your Add | Wellbeing programme and beyond.

+ Access to Resources: We will provide your business with free-to-access tools and resources, tailored to your specific wellbeing needs.

+ Roadmap Design and Feedback Meeting: We believe that what sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to partnership collaboration and this is the basis for the design stage. Using the findings from the assessment stage, we will work with senior staff to create a strategic mental health roadmap that can be spread out over 1 to 3 years. 

+ Roadmap Launch set: Fitting into your strategic plan, the Roadmap of change activities is signed off. 

+ Roadmap Launched: All is signed off and the +training, +consultation and +clinical interventions are delivered.

+Ongoing access to Relationship Manager: who will support the successful delivery of the roadmap and initiate any individual mitigations where needed.

+ Annual reassessment: Every year, we will refresh the Organisational Health Assessment to ensure that the roadmap is relevant to the changing needs of your business. 

How much will it cost?

Our prices reflect the competitive market. At delivery stage the cost to your business is completely tailored to your individualised Roadmap design and budget.

We are happy to discuss with you the costs of each separate component or stand-alone training. We also offer:

  • Mental health first aid training
  • Organisational consultancy

In addition, we are able to offer access to a suite of online ‘Working Towards Wellbeing’ courses, which we have developed in collaboration with the Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy:

Next steps

If you are committed to making your business more resilient to mental ill health, then we are the right partners for you.

Please contact a member of the Add | Wellbeing team using the details provided below, and we will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a conversation or send over further information – just let us know how we can help.

Tel: 0208 938 2172

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Please contact a member of the Add | Wellbeing team to explore how we can help you to develop and sustain wellbeing in a way that enables your people and your business to thrive:

Tel: 020 8938 2537

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