Meet Susan, a student on our Child, adolescent and family mental wellbeing: multidisciplinary practice course (D24)

Susan Tyrell illustration"I chose to study at the Tavistock because I wanted a course that would be rigorous intellectually and well regarded and I genuinely feel that the course has had an impact on all areas of my life. 

In my clinical life I have begun to understand, navigate and speak to the connection between mind and body with much more confidence, my appreciation of the debates around race and diversity have expanded.  I have benefited personally and intellectually from grappling with psychodynamic theory.

What I really loved about this course was that the lecturers teaching the Systemic and Psychodynamic frameworks would discuss points of theory between themselves and we, the students, would be able to compare and contrast and note areas of similarity and divergence between the two models - it was fascinating! 

There was nothing that surprised me by studying this course - I had really high hopes regarding the integrity of the teaching staff and I was not disappointed.

When it comes to thinking if a course is for you, it really is horses for courses but I certainly feel that I have found my fit at the Tavistock and Portman."

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