Meet Shanah, a student on Psychodynamic reflective practice in mental health (D65)

 Shanah_D65 student" I decided to study at the Tavistock and Portman as it is an internationally renowned and valued institute which offers a rich and accessible learning environment to a diverse group of students. Courses are delivered by clinical tutors drawing from their own knowledge and experience in the practice of psychotherapy which offers an insightful opportunity for deep discussion and thought.

Whilst on the Introduction to counselling and psychotherapy (D12) course, I deeply enjoyed learning about different psychoanalytic concepts that were taught in an accessible way through group seminars and work discussions. The shared learning discourse and dialogue of the group work discussions were profound because it cast considerable light between the fusion of theory and practice. 

The Psychodynamic reflective practice in mental health (D65) has impacted my life, career, practice and myself. The theoretical concepts, combined with the depth of practice experience from my placement, has helped me prepare for the next steps in the journey. The diverse group sharing has created a deeper understanding and preparedness for future work. The courses I studied also impacted my own dynamic understanding of direct work with patients in a mental health setting and of the underlying dynamics present in the healthcare environment.

What the Tavistock has given me is the space and opportunity for personal and professional development, deep thought and an understanding of how that all interacts to give me a better insight into the field of psychoanalysis.

If someone is thinking about applying for a course I would say that if you enjoy challenging yourself, taking in new ideas, and learning from the experience and practice of others, this would be a great place for you. If you do decide to take the course, my advice would be to enjoy it and be as present as you can as it is such a profound learning journey."

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