Meet Neera, a counsellor looking after the emotional wellbeing of students at a London secondary school

Schools are very busy environments, and it's not always easy to find time to be able to sit back, reflect on things, but I really make that time now. I'm Neera and I work in a comprehensive secondary school where I'm responsible for emotional well-being. I think one of the best things about the Tavistock is that your teachers are clinicians. It's a working clinic, so they are very much on the ground. They know what's going on right now and they've got a lot of expertise and experience. It's really a privilege to be taught by such knowledgeable practitioners.

I think that often struggling with what to do combined with wanting to help can lead us to rush to try this approach or that approach. We're so desperate to find answers to help young people, but I think what I've learned in my year at the Tavistock is it's okay to not know the answer and it is okay to take the time to just allow answers to come up. I've been able to apply that in my work with young people at school. What I found is that you do get an insight, and idea, a hypothesis that you can really work with and that is so much more meaningful.

Neera took the one-year course 'Mental Health and Well-Being: Multidisciplinary Practice with Young People and Adults' (course code: PTPCTP002). She had worked for 15 years as a campaigner in charities, before moving to her current role as a counsellor looking after the emotional wellbeing of students at a London secondary school.

In this video, she explains how being taught by practising clinicians at the Tavistock has allowed her take what she has learnt in the classroom and use it to make her more insightful and effective in her day-to-day work.

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Neera's course:

Child, adolescent and family mental wellbeing: multidisciplinary practice (D24)

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